Rock & Metal Guitar Masterclass Advance Scales & Shredding Technique


Ezra Simanjuntak


2 Days

Class Date

25th, 28th September


3.30PM to 5.30PM WIB


IDR 100K

(Limited seats)

About the workshop

Playing a guitar for Rock and Metal music requires a higher level of skill and deeper knowledge., Due to their fast tempo, these two types of music really need accuracy and deeper knowledge of guitar, so the player does not make mistakes while playing.

In this Mezink Academy masterclass, we will teach you Scales technique for rock music and Guitar Shredder for Metal music.

What you'll get:

1v1 feedback directly from instructor

Digital Certificate

Access to an exclusive WA group

What you'll learn

Learn and see how rock and metal guitar scale and shredding techniques that prioritise accuracy and also speed in playing guitar


Learn proper keys for playing rock and metal music


Learn and Master in 2 days, everything you need to know about: Scales in Rock and Metal Guitar Shredding Technique


Who is this workshop for


Amateur Guitarists




Anyone who is interested in playing rock and metal guitar

Meet your instructor


Ezra Simanjuntak


Ezra Simanjuntak is a professional rock guitarist based in Indonesia. Currently Erza is playing with the band Zi Factor as a metal guitarist. He founded The Rock Campus (TRC) that was established as a forum for the rock community and organised events where more than 250 bands participated.

Class schedule: 25th Sept (3.30PM to 5.30PM WIB) 28th Sept (7.30pm to 9.30pm WIB