Professional Makeup Class Glamour and Beauty


Aditya Margolang


1 Day

Class Date

22nd September


7.30PM to 9.30PM WIB


IDR 100K

(Limited seats)

About the workshop

Makeup has become an obligation for women who want to look more beautiful and elegant. There are many techniques for makeup and one of them is glamorous makeup. This technique aims to create a luxurious look to attend an event or for other purposes. By employing the right techniques, glamorous makeup will make you look more elegant and ready for an important event.

In this Mezink Academy masterclass, learn techniques for glamour makeup. The event aims to provide upskilling of participants, so that they can practice a good technique to produce a glamorous look.

What you'll get:

1v1 feedback directly from instructor

Digital Certificate

Access to an exclusive WA group

What you'll learn

Learn basic knowledge about glamour makeup to how to apply it


Learn about tips and tricks to do a beauty makeup in direct way


Learn good techniques to be able to create a glamorous look for makeup


Who is this workshop for


Makeup Artist






Anyone who is interested in makeup and beauty

Meet your instructor


Aditya Margolang


Aditya Margolang is an Indonesian makeup artist, experienced in glamorous makeup. Aditya is also a creative director of Putra Putri Budaya Indonesia, an Indonesian beauty pageant that has produced many models ready to compete at higher levels. Aditya is living in Jakarta and travelling to the various cities in Indonesia to do makeup for any purposes, such weddings, graduations, or beauty pageants.

Class schedule: 22th Sept (7.30PM to 5=9.30PM WIB)