4 steps to earn as a Chef

Chef’s working together to prepare multiple dishes ready for service. Colour, horizontal with some copy space. Photographed in a restaurant on the island of Møn in Denmark.

Are you a Chef or someone who enjoys cooking and wondering how to start your online business? 

Read on to know how to start an online business as a Chef and how to earn while at it.

Initiating an online business venture can be both exciting as well as intimidating. Therefore taking a baby step with the help of a few guidelines can be immensely helpful in kickstarting the online business. Here are some of the effective ways of earning money online as a Chef.

  1. Design your Website

First and foremost, create your online presence out there in the virtual landscape. To run an online business, the first step is to have your own website which further helps in branding your service. Through your website you will be able to provide your special recipes, festive dishes, do’s and don’ts of cooking etc.

Designing your personal website may sound like a technical hurdle to you. But you need not worry when you have Apps like Mezink, that makes designing websites a few minutes job for literally anyone without any technical knowledge. All you need to do is Download Mezink and sign in to create a profile.

Read here to know the detailed step by step guide to creating a profile.

Create Profile on Mezink

In order to create a hassle-free profile follow these steps-

Add your Name, email id, and profile picture, and voila the account has been created. In order to Add Links, select add links, type the name of the platform, and copy the URL of the platform ABC in the tab below. Lastly, select icons to add.

Icons you need are not available? No problem add the required icon from your photo album or download it from the internet

  1. Blogging

Blogging in general, about your travel or food exploration is different from blogging for monetization. Blogging here does not refer to your opinions about that burger you tried at the corner store of your society. Here, blogging is to share your best recipes with tips for the readers to buy the content in order to gain that knowledge. This can be a brilliant way to earn your side income and get the business going. 

In order to increase readers, one will have to pay close attention to the website reach. Once you are able to direct the traffic flow towards your website, you can monetize from your provided recipe knowledge in your blogs.           

Always ensure a quality check of the content in your website/blog prior to upload, as the majority of your SEO would depend on it.

Teppanyaki chef cooking in front of guests.

3. Podcasting

Podcasting is a popular culture that every Gen Z is indulging into. From a consumerism point of  view, this gives you enough reason to start a podcast of your own as one of the ways to earn as a Chef. 

You can record your podcast on any of these theme-

  • Any interesting mythological stories behind any traditional recipe
  • Sharing tips for special cuisines
  • Food conversations with world renowned Chefs

Following such unique content and right strategy, your podcast will have more audience which will help you monetize out of it. Simply recording the script is not enough. Remember, consistency is the key always. In order to popularise your podcast, there has to be a certain number of downloads on every episode which will further dictate your monetization step. You can also earn by placing membership fees for your podcast.

4. Youtube Channel

Food aesthetics along with some fabulous and substantial content is an incredible material to go on your youtube channel as audiences prefer watching pleasing food visuals as an add on/support to the audio. 

By selecting the right niche, content and a well strategized marketing, one can reach to many individuals and can monetize very well. Your channel could either be cooking lessons, cooking tips, personal recipes etc.