7 Must-have Apps for Instagram Content Creator

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There are interesting facts behind the beauty of every Instagram content creator post. Yes, they use editing apps to make every photo or video look more awesome for their followers. As an Instagram content creator or also often called as an Instagram celebs. You must develop your soft skills in editing photos or videos. Especially using various photo and video editing apps. Some Instagram celebs also reveal the secret behind each of their Instagram posts, by using certain apps. Curious what the app is? Let’s see, the must-have apps for Instagram content creator.


Behind every selfie post on Instagram today, of course, there is no filter effect. Well, if you want to try a more unique Japanese-style filter. Then you can try to use this one photo editing app.

This app, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS-based smartphones, is able to give a cute and sweet effect to every photo you upload. Of course, your various selfies look more unique with anti-mainstream filters.

Huji also features a focus button that can be easily adjusted. However, this app has limitations. You can only edit photos that you take directly. Not with the photos you took before.

2. 9square

Organize your Instagram appearance to make it neater with the 9square app. 9square is able to split 1 photo into several parts with a ratio of 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4 and 3×5. The advantage of this app is that it keeps all your photo resolutions looking good without the shattering effect that usually occurs in other apps.


If you are looking for a photo editing app with complete features, then VSCO is the answer. This free app can make your photos more colorful or even look faded. You can set everything at will. VSCO is a mandatory app for those of you who like to play Instagram. More than 600 thousand people around the world have used this app. So, there’s nothing wrong if you try to beautify each of your posts.

4. Afterlight

Afterlight can change your photos to be more aesthetic. Various filters with simple settings are suitable for those of you who are beginners or experts in the field of photo editing. In addition, afterlight also has various advanced features or tools. Such as setting the color hue, temperature, gradation, shadows and blur effects.

5. Planoly

Not only apps for photo editing that you must master if you want to become an Instagram celebs. You also need a supporting app so that you can organize your Instagram profile feed to be neater. With Planoly, you can schedule when to post photos to create a profile design plan. Uniquely, you can shift or change the arrangement of photos on your Instagram feed to make it more presentable. Hmmm, quite interesting huh!

6. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Previously, Adobe could only be used on PC devices. Now you can use the Adobe Photoshop editing app from your smartphone. So you can try filters and also edit various photos with various formats. Including RAW format.

7. Mezink

Mezink app can help you to build social media profiles more easily and professionally. Mezink supports all your activities as a content creator with various excellent features in it. Such as chat features between fellow users, monetization features to profile rooms to collect links to your various social media in one page.

Well, those are the various must-have apps for Instagram content creator. Actually, you don’t need to master all the apps above. Choose the app that you think is suitable and according to your needs.

Come on, try your luck and become an instagram content creator. Use Mezink Apps to connect, create attractive profiles, and more easily monetize your social media accounts.

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