7 Must-Have Apps for Youtube Content Creator

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Youtube content creator, is a profession that is currently popular and attracting many people. Both old, young, ordinary people to famous celebrities flock to become youtubers. How come? The profit promised by Youtube itself is so tempting. Until many people started learning about audio-visual and editing skills in order to win the competition to get the most viewers. Well, for those of you who want to try out a career as a YouTube content creator. There are several must-have apps for youtube content creator that you must learn about. Let’s see what the application is!

7 Must-Have Free Apps for Youtube Content Creator

1. Kinemaster

No need to use a PC with special specifications to edit various video content that you prepare. With Kinemaster, you can edit various videos with various special features only through your smartphone. You can also enjoy various exclusive features from Kinemaster for free. For example, the features of trimming effects, blur, transitions, mosaics, wipes, fades and 3D features. In addition, you can also set the video speed to be faster or slower according to your taste.

2. Picsart

This application of a million people may already be familiar to your ears. Picsart is a graphic editing application available on mobile apps. You can try to make your youtube channel banner using Picsart. Not only that, you can also maximize the free template features for editing photos and videos. Even though this application is versatile, you still have to pay a fee. If you want to use their special features.

3. Youtube Studio

As a YouTube content creator, you also have to know and understand the market. By using this application. You can monitor the traffic on your YouTube channel. In addition, Youtube Studio also makes it easier for you to reply to comments from fans with its notification feature.

4. Cinema FV-5

There is no need for expensive camera equipment to produce good video recordings. Cinema FV-5 is able to change the quality of your video recordings to be of higher quality like using a professional camera. The various advanced features of this application also spoil its users. Such as autofocus, macro focus, ISO, white balance, temperature control and various other interesting features.

However, this application can not be downloaded for free. You have to pay $4, but it’s worth a try.

5. Adobe Premiere After Effects 

An advanced application of this one is a must-have application for youtubers. Adobe Premiere After Effects is capable of processing various types of video files and exporting them back to various formats. Moreover, you can also add certain effects and the most important thing is that the quality of your video will not change even though it has undergone a long editing process.

6. Adobe Photoshop 

Any effect you want can be realized with this software. Adobe Photoshop is able to add, delete and edit various objects in a photo or video. You can add layers, add effects, add graphics to create funny animations of your character with the following applications. However, make sure you buy this software with the original license. So that the results of your video quality do not decrease.

7. Mezink 

This one app is also very important for youtubers. You can include various social media links that you have. Until monetizing various content that you create in this one app. Besides, you can also get closer to fans through their chat feature.

The apps above are some examples of must-have apps for Youtube content creator. In your opinion, what other apps should YouTube content creators have? Comment down below!

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