5 Benefit Instagram Content Creator To Have Bio Link

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If you are an influencer, creator, or celebrity on Instagram, you already have two things – fame and loads of earning opportunities.

To manage your followers and earnings with convenience, you can consider using various tools or apps designed to ease your journey as an Instagrammer. These tools can help you grow your followers and supercharge your earnings.

One such tool is a link in bio app!

What is a Link in Bio Tool?

If you are a creator or celeb on Instagram, you would be aware that you can share just one clickable link on Instagram. Since you use Instagram as a professional or for business, you might have more than one link to share with your followers.

This is when bio link tool comes into picture!

With the help of a link in bio app, you can share multiple links on your Instagram. The link in your bio (generated using this app) will take your followers to a landing page, which you can design and which can display your links in a visually appealing manner.

You just have to encourage your audience to click the link in your bio to get the offer, to follow you on other social networks, or to buy the product you are promoting in your Instagram post. This link works as a super link that can store all your important links.

Mezink Link in Bio

There are several link in bio tools available on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. And Mezink is the one with the most innovative design and layout! 

What’s the benefit of having a Bio Link Tool like Mezink?

Mezink gives you an easy-to-remember, short and simple URL, which you can put in your Instagram bio. Apart from that, it gives you a dynamically-designed landing page, on which you can list all your links.

To be specific, you can link all your social networks, ecommerce stores, affiliate products, your brand store, videos, and streams on a single dashboard. You can also link your portfolio or work links to make it easier for prospects to understand your work style for collaboration.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using Mezink link in bio – 

1. Help clients find your contact details 

You can link to your contact details on your Mezink profile or landing page. You can also create forms that your users can fill up to send you a message. This will help you and your prospects connect.

This way, you can find work too. Alternatively, I can say, the work will find you!

2. Avoid potential fraud 

The instances of online fraud have gone up in recent years mainly because of easy and affordable internet. Don’t be surprised when you find your fake profile getting more attention than your authentic profile.

You can hit fraudsters hard from different directions using the Mezink link in bio app. You can list down your official social networks, email Ids, websites, and stores so your followers can stay connected with you everywhere.

Moreover, you can receive payments using Mezink in a safe and secured manner.

3. No more sharing long, confusing and forgettable links 

First, links given in Instagram post description are not clickable. Second, those links cannot be copied either, unless you are using Instagram on web/laptop. And third, you can share just one link in your bio.

Mezink frees you from all these burdens. Just create and customize your Mezink profile, add all the links you want to show your audience, and that’s it.

Put your Mezink link in your Instagram bio, and call your followers to click on this link through your posts, descriptions, stories, and videos.

This link will take them wherever you want them – such as on your website or product page.

4. Receive Payments, Tips and Donations

If a follower wants to tip you or send a donation for your cause, you can ask them to visit your Mezink profile in your bio to proceed for payment.

The best part of using Mezink bio link tool is that you don’t have to pay a single penny in form of transaction charges or commission.

Mezink works with a zero percent commission policy. It comes to Instagram creators, performers, and influencers as a sigh of relief. Other platforms charge a hefty percentage on the sum you receive.

If you are an affiliate marketer, then also you can sell your products without sharing any commission on sales generated.

So, Mezink helps you not only to boost your sales but also to protect your earnings!

5. Analytics Feature 

The app comes with another greater feature and that is its inbuilt analytics.

You can measure the performance of your links and profile. This gives you a chance to improvise your approach and marketing strategy accordingly.

You can see how many people visited your profile and how many people clicked on your link. Such advanced features are missing on many leading link in bio apps.

If you are an Instagram creator and if you still don’t have Mezink, download and try Mezink now!

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