5 Benefits of Link in Bio Tool for YouTubers

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There are several paid and free tools available these days to ease your life as a professional YouTuber. One of those useful apps is – link in bio.

Link in bio tools allow you to create a web page – to be specific, a landing page – where your users land or reach after clicking on a link in your bio or about. 

On this landing page, you can put or showcase various links such as your work links, social network profile links, ecommerce store and offer links, affiliate links, portfolio links, and other important links that you want your followers to see. The best part of using a bio link tool is that you can display innumerable links on a single page in a streamlined, easy-to-digest manner.

Once you have designed your landing page, you can share its URL in the About section of your YouTube Channel. You could also share this link in the description of your videos and live streams.

Mezink Link In Bio App

Of all link in bio tools, Mezink is the most advanced one! It comes inbuilt with many other highly-desired features to help YouTube creators like you to grow your followers, sell your products, and increase your earnings on YouTube.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of Mezink, a Linktree alternative, link in bio app – 

1. No Need to Share Your Links Repeatedly

Sharing your links multiple times during your video or stream might seem awkward to you as well as to your viewers.

Just provide your short and simple Mezink URL in your YouTube bio and you won’t need to share it again and again to remind your followers to check it out. Just tell them to visit the link in your bio.

2. Customize the Look of Landing Page

With Mezink, you already get a dynamically-designed landing page. But you can personalize the design of your Mezink profile or landing page to make it look more attractive.

You can change the background or theme of your page. Moreover, you can choose from dozens of button and font/text styles to enhance the appearance of your Mezink profile.

And for this, you don’t need any knowledge or experience in coding.

3. Connect with Your Audience on Other Social Networks

Mezink can also help you find and connect with your audience on other social networking and streaming platforms.

If a video you created last week has gone viral, list its URL along with the link of your YouTube Channel on your Mezink profile, and share your Mezink link on other social networks to build your audience there.

4. Make It Easier for Clients/Customers to Contact You

You can also list your phone numbers, chat or messenger Ids, and email Id on your Mezink profile. So, your prospects can get in touch with you when they want to.

This is specifically helpful when you are open to collaborating with brands, local businesses, and other YouTubers or influencers.

5. Share Video Links You Want to Promote

If you want to promote a few videos, Mezink can be a great tool for that. You can put the link of all those videos on your Mezink landing page, and ask your followers to visit the link in your bio to watch these videos.

In fact, you can do a video campaign or a teaser to promote those videos by telling the audience to click and open the link in bio.

There you have it. These are some of the greatest advantages that youtubers get when they use a link in bio app.

If you don’t have Mezink yet, download it now for free!