Best NRI Fashion influencers

Are you a fashion frenzy who always looks for international brands, but don’t know how those products and clothes will compliment your brown skin?! Here are some NRI Fashion influences at your rescue!


The following NRI not only have access to one of the World’s coolest photogenic locations but they also have access to the latest trends, styles, and products. Hence, making it easier for you to make a buying decision. Let us take you straight away to the world of fashion and introduce you to some of the big names in the NRI Fashion influencer industry. Hope you find them inspiring and intriguing!

  1. Deepica Mutyala 

At the age of 16, Deepica told her parents that she wanted to create her make-up brand, but without having a single clue on how to do it. Cut to 16 years later, she founded Live Tinted: A make-up brand based out of LA and she credits this journey to her content creation days. A fashion influencer having more than half a million followers on YouTube and Instagram, she has a fan base from Mumbai to Minneapolis, especially NRIs who are huge fans of her content. Today, she defines herself as a humble creator, an entrepreneur, and a catalyst for changing beauty standards.

  1. Shivani Raina 

She who is currently based out of California was a former Cabin crew member and is currently pursuing her education in political science. She is a trendsetter in the domains of styling and fashion. With 300k followers on Instagram, she is best known for her calibre to pull off Indian attire and various western outfits with utmost grace and beauty. She strongly believes that before becoming a content creator, one must pick up a niche and bring out different layers of content for the audience. Whereas, she further aims to launch her own brand of fashion clothing in near future and wants to specifically focus on Indian and NRI audiences.

  1. Jovita George 

Former Miss Kerala and a former engineer by profession. Jovita is a full-time content creator who is currently based out of Kuwait. A prominent beauty and fashion vlogger, she has a wide range of fans across the globe with over 800k followers on various social media platforms. She strongly opposes the idea of applying make-up for fairer-looking skin and her content always inspires viewers to learn to love their skin tone. Apart from her Fashion and Make-up videos she also creates content on travel and relationships. With over 3.4 million views her video on ‘How to get rid of Hyperpigmentation’ is the most viewed video on her channel today.

  1. Arshia Moorjani 

If you Google Arshia Moorjani, you will get several fashion videos from a sassy New Yorker who is known as the fashion Guru and a make-up master. Her content appeal to a lot of NRI fashion influencers and viewers as her fashion DIYs are a big hit among her followers. Having over a 300k follower base, her fashion sense talks about the pieces that are simple and can be worn in multiple ways. She says that she is all about mixing, matching, and then making the most of every garment she owns. She found success by catering to the looks that accentuate the beauty of the heritage she shares with so many people around the world.

  1. Shreya Kalra 

Founder of a meet-up community ‘What’s the Plan’ in Amsterdam, she is another NRI fashion influencer whose feed is superbly aesthetical and marvellously colour coordinated. Having more than 50K followers on Instagram, she mostly posts about various casual wear and combinations around simple dressing for modern-day women. She takes her fashion inspiration from Comfort clothing and strongly vouches for fashion that brings comfort to your daily wear. She is a promising content creator to vouch for in the coming with and in a way, her experiments with basic fashion is a bang on! She is always on a shopping spree to several European countries, which also gives variety to her content.  

They all have successfully managed to keep up their fashion game on point while providing entertaining, engaging, and exciting content for their viewers. They are the real persona of Modern-day Indian women and a sassy global lady. So, if you have not followed them yet, go give them some of your support. These Desi Girls are killing it and marching towards great success while also keeping their Indian roots alive through their content. Their content is also a true representation of India on foreign soil. So, as Indians watching other Indians doing great on the global platform, we must be in an awe of them. 

Come Let’s support them, celebrate them, and admire them with all our hearts.

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