How to Create an Easy Whatsapp Link and QR Code

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Did you know that WhatsApp has a special feature for users to be able to share WhatsApp contacts without the need to save a number? Well, this feature is also known as clicking the whatsapp link. Where you only need to create a link or a link to be able to start a chat automatically. Curious how? Come on, take a look at how to make the following whatsapp link. 

Before you want to create a whatsapp account link. There are a few things you should pay attention to. The reason is, not all accounts can click on this whatsapp link. Below is a tutorial on how to manually create a whatsapp link

How to Create a Manual Whatsapp Link

1. Use an Active Number 

The first thing is to make sure that your whatsapp account is still active. Do not use an account with a number that can no longer be used because WhatsApp will not be able to detect it.

2. Use International Number Format

If you use an Indonesian domicile phone number. You must have changed your phone number to an international format, right? Namely by removing the zeros, brackets and dashes.

Example :

Indonesian Number : 081xxxxxxx

International Format Number : 6281xxxx

After you have passed the steps above, then you can then create your own whatsapp link. How to use the format<number>

Change the <number> column with your international format mobile number.


Well, after you have succeeded in changing the <number> format with your cell phone number. Then you can use the link. You can copy or copy the link above and then include it on your Roket profile. Make sure that during the copying process, you don’t add any other characters including spaces or periods. Because it will cause the URL of the link to the whatsapp account to be unreadable by the system.

How to Create an Instant Whatsapp Link

If you want an easier way than doing it manually. We have other alternatives that you can try. Namely by instant way using the website guide.

  1. First, open the website page on your browser
  2. Next, enter an active WhatsApp mobile number in the column provided.
  1. If you only want to create a whatsapp link, you can directly click the “generate my” button. However, if you want to use other features offered by this website. Namely to add an automatic message that will be sent by the user. Then you can fill in the column below.
  2. After that, the whatsapp link along with the QR code from your whatsapp account will be displayed on the screen. You can choose which media you want. 

That’s the tutorial on How to Create an Easy Whatsapp Link and QR Code. Hope it helps you.

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