Easy & Free Ways to Get More Views on YouTube in 2022

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Deconstructing and understanding how to increase viewers on YouTube is a skill developed over time with sufficient research and experiments. It does not require just one or two of them, but several probabilities are required to be applied and tested to see what fits your niche.

YouTube is a constantly changing and evolving Channel. Those days are gone by when a mere funny cat video would entertain millions easily. With the variety in content around easily available to the audience, the competition amongst the content creators has only become challenging.

Here are some of the ways one can get more views on their YouTube Channel. Here is a handy guide for you to start your Youtube Channel in case you are a beginner. 

Read further to know details of how one can increase their viewers for their Youtube Channel:

1. Use Trending Topics to get more views

Do you follow YouTube trends? If not, now is the time to start, because jumping on a trending topic is a great way to dominate YouTube search results.

The key to making trending videos is to know what topics you should be picking up on. This often means staying within your niche to keep your channel focused. Every video you post needs to be relevant to your audience, whether it goes viral or not.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of only posting current topics. You need recurring content to create long-term value and get regular views. We recommend dedicating 10-20% of your content to trends.

If you are looking for a way to track YouTube trends, You can download vidIQ and create custom trend alerts for your channel. 

2. Add YouTube Cards and Endscreens to your videos

Some people pay for views on YouTube, but you should never do that – not while YouTube Cards and Endscreens exist. They’re the best tools to promote your channel, and they’re also free to use.

Info cards are notifications inthe video that recommend related content to viewers. This can be a video, a playlist, additional channels you’ve created or even links from outside. If you’re aiming for more views, info cards with videos and playlists are especially helpful.

End screens always appear in the last 5-20 seconds of a video. In this video outro, viewers can click on another video of yours to watch next.

Of course, you want people to watch 100% of a video, and info cards interrupt that. That’s why you should include them far into the video – halfway through if possible.

3. Create playlists for additional YouTube views

If you’ve a large amount of content, you should divide the videos into playlists.

These collections help people explore a topic in more depth. For example, a pet channel might’ve a playlist titled “How to teach dogs the “sit” command”

We recommend creating a “New to this channel” playlist before any other playlist. Fill it with videos that illustrate what your channel is about, then move the playlist to the top of your channel’s homepage. With any luck, new viewers will see it and recognise the value of your content.

4. Optimise your video descriptions

Descriptions aren’t as eye-catching as thumbnails and video titles on your channel. However, you need high-quality descriptions to optimise a YouTube video for more views.

To start, keep your descriptions short and sweet. Although the description field allows 5,000 characters, viewers will only see the first 157, and will need to click ‘view more” to read what’s left.

Therefore, important details, such as the topic of the video and why it’s important, should be in the first 157 characters. You can include additional information, such as video credits, subscribe links and social media, below this point.

Here are other things you should consider:

The description should accurately reflect the video to keep viewers happy.

Don’t worry if big channels leave the description area blank. From an SEO perspective, descriptions with relevant keywords attract more YouTube views.

5. Create these 4 videos to increase YouTube views

Are you a bit of a YouTube creative? Need more views right this second?

Perfect! Here are four types of YouTube videos that people love to watch. They’ll be popular today, tomorrow and actually forever, so use them whenever you can.

The Counter Video: A video comparing any two things, such as video games, cities or make-up products.

The listicle video: A video that lists the qualities of any topic – for example, the “top 10 holiday spots in Mexico”.

The How-to Video: A video explaining how to unclog a toilet, find a job, ride a bike, etc.

The reaction video: React to exciting events. This can be a sports game, a TikTok dance or a funny meme.

Viewers love to see these four formats in creator content. With the above ideas, you can easily get at least 1,000 views on YouTube.

6. Promote your channel on the YouTube Community Tab

YouTube does a great job of recommending videos to viewers, but sometimes your channel needs an extra push.

That’s where the YouTube Community Tab comes in. This social network is available to anyone with 500 or more subscribers.

Continue reading YouTube Community Tab – The Underestimated Growth Tool You Should Use NEED 

On the Community tab you can publish

text posts





The Community Tab isn’t meant for advertising – at least, that’s not how most Creators use it. Instead of promoting videos, most start a conversation with polls and intriguing questions. A few months ago, we ran an experiment that showed such community posts lead to more attention for your channel.

Once you’ve mastered the community tab, you can also use other areas of social media like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to attract more people to your channel.

7. Collaborate with other creators and reach new audiences

YouTube collaborations are a goldmine for keeping your channel fresh. If you’re brainstorming ideas on your own, it’s easy to hit a wall and feel like there’s nothing worth recording.

Brainstorming with another creator takes the pressure off of knowing all the answers.

The real magic happens when you and the other creator(s) make a video together, because you’re effectively swapping audiences. The other creator introduces you to their subscribers and you introduce your subscribers to the other creator. Before you know it, you’ve a new group of viewers on your channel.

Do not team up with just any random, though. Make sure your collaborator has:

  • An audience that’s interested in the topics you cover
  • A good chemistry with you to create good content
  • Enough time to collaborate 8. Interact with your viewers every week

YouTube viewers are fickle when it comes to sticking with it. There’s so much to see on YouTube that creators need to build a relationship with viewers.

Here are a few tips:

  • Live streams are the best way to connect with your community and gain super fans. Use them!
  • One must reply to as many comments as possible. When a viewer shares their thoughts with you, return the favour by acknowledging their presence.
  • You need to post on the YouTube community tab to connect with viewers.
  • You need to send quick replies using vidIQ’s comment templates.

9. Create unique content

What sets you apart from other creators? If you’ve any superpower, like juggling, animating or dog whispering, use it to add some pzazz to your content.

And why? The harder it’s to copy your videos, the more you stand out as a creative. Once you’ve found your way on YouTube, it’s easier to become the first port of call for a topic and get more views.

10. Be consistent

This tip is easy to understand, but hard to put into practice.

To get more YouTube views, you should:

  • Do Upload regularly.
  • Try and Maintain the quality of your thumbnails.

We know this is easier said than done. But if you want to please your audience. consistency is key. Start by finding a publishing rhythm. This post will help you find the right upload frequency on YouTube.

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