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Donations are one way for content creators to earn money besides placing advertisements or sponsors. Getting donations today is also quite easy with the support of various existing donation platforms. So you only need to include the donation link in your social media bio or include it during the live streaming. Streamers need free live streaming donation apps and platforms.

Actually, there are various applications and platforms for donations during live streaming that you can try. However, of the various applications currently available, only one application does not provide a fee and commission burden to its users. The application is Mezink apps, where you can create a donation link to a link on bio for free.

Well, if you are a content creator who often does live streaming. There is nothing wrong if you try the various features in the Mezink application that you can access for free without any charge.

What is Mezink?

Mezink is an apps that is intended for you content creators, online business owners to professional companies. With Mezink, you can analyze the number of people who viewed and clicked on the link you listed.

Mezink can help you in many ways. Such as making customized landing pages to accepting donations from fans without any administrative fees that you usually find on other donation platforms. Apart from that, various Mezink features are also useful for you. Such as the live chat feature with fans, changing icons and landing page backgrounds to the Mezink community which brings you closer to other content creators.

Mezink, Commission-Free Streaming Donation Platform

One of the advantages of Mezink compared to other donation platforms is that there are no fees. So this will benefit you to get the full donation. There will be no 5% discount on a single withdrawal. All the hard work you get will immediately receive you 100%.

Various payment methods are also offered by Mezink to support content creators such as making it easier for you to get donations. Some of the payment methods include:

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How to Include a Free Donation Link When Live Streaming

  1. Download the Mezink app on your smartphone
  2. Register using email and complete the information provided
  3. After that, click “feed” then click the “contact” button
  4. Write down the information in the form of your name, the Mezink link that you have created and the live streaming platform you are using.
  5. Wait for confirmation to get the donation link
  6. After you get the donation link. The next step is to include the donation link to your live streaming platform. You do this by inserting a link in the live streaming description before the live streaming takes place.
  7. So that you can still get donations even though the live streaming is over. You can include a link in your social media bio, a description of the YouTube video you’ve uploaded and share it with the content creator community.
  8. After you get a donation, you can withdraw it by filling in the bank account data that you use. Include the account holder’s name, bank name and account number. Make sure you don’t write the account wrong.
  9. After 7 days, the funds will be immediately disbursed and you will receive them without any fees or commissions that are too large

Well, that’s a live streaming donation apps that doesn’t charge a commission or is free. Are you interested in trying it?

This is the time for you content creators of live streaming to earn more money by using the Mezink application. Create a donation link and withdraw donations free of charge! Enjoy free live streaming donation apps and platforms with Mezink!

Come on, download the application now!

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