How can Chefs use Mezink?

Cooking by a chef Italian lasagna, frying a dressing in a frying pan. And sprinkling with basil. Freezing in motion. Cooking, homemade recipe book. Delicious and healthy food.

Chef as a profession requires a highly skilled person who is capable of being in charge of food production in any commercial kitchen of a hotel, hostel, restaurant, resort, cafe, or hospital. Their duties include diverse role plays. In addition to the management of the kitchen as well as the staff,  their work comprises of-curating the food menu by carefully working out the costing of every dish individually, managing inventories, and raw material procurement.

Given the list of the extended and elaborate duties a chef embodies to be fulfilled, the work can get a little overwhelming at times as well as difficult to manage.

For a content creator like a Chef, it is very important to keep their work organised- be it their recipes, blogs, tutorials, social media handles, etc. Although this sounds like too much work to be done single-handedly, there are Apps that help you manage all these efficiently without any fuss. 

Mezink App is one such as well the best platform for users to learn and DIY. Mezink is capable of helping Chefs is myriad ways. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Showcase recipes

There are several ways of showcasing food recipes. It can be via a podcast, video on youtube, blogging, or all of it. Mezink gives you the liberty to try all. To kick start writing your food blog sign in, set up your Mezink account in just 2 steps, and have the access to all its features like designing your own website in less than 5 mins, displaying NFTs, collecting payments, and much more. Check it out now! Download Mezink here!

  1. Sell cookbooks

Writing recipes comes smoothly but selling those often is a task as it involves many factors that need to be considered like determining the value of all types of Cookbooks that could be written and sold.

If selling online is not your stint and want to rely upon something more efficient and apt to do the work, trust Mezink App. You’ll not need to pay any fee and/or commission on the items you have Mezink sell for you at 0% commission.

Сhef in the professional kitchen with a frying pan and a fire. The chef’s hands hold the iron Pan and prepare food in the cooker.

3. Connect Youtube, Instagram  & Facebook Channels

Connecting all your creative channels and creating a singular Link-in-Bio can be of tremendous effectiveness in increasing your visibility online. It as well helps to draw engagement and built loyalty among the customers. As on social media, your link may change time to time, leveraging seasonal offers or brand new products. Connecting your social media channels and creating the link in bio feature profoundly contributes to the marketing strategies you’re working on.

The easiest way to create Link-in-Bio is using the App Mezink, as it is the most user-friendly app of Link-in-Bio tool for the content creators like Chefs.

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4. Collect bookings for food

Keeping a track of your growing business as well as managing it can be tedious tasks to be done. Tracking appointments/bookings are one of the features of Mezink App. To know how to collect your bookings on Mezink, check it out here. Download Mezink!

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5. Curate a list of favorite restaurants

Mezink has an exclusive form feature that allows users to collate any information like a list of the best restaurants, best continental cuisines in the town, hotels serving the best desserts in the area, etc.

Operating the forms on Mezink is just a 2 min task that is user-friendly as well as hassle-free. Check it out now! Download Mezink here!

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