6 Easiest Ways How to Promote Your Instagram Account!

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Instagram is among the most promising platforms for creators and marketers. Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month. Whoa!

However, it goes without saying that now every content on Instagram goes viral. Creators, specifically those who are new, struggle to find an audience and get views and engagement on Instagram content they create.

If you are planning to kick start your journey as an Instagram creator, influencer, or marketer, you would be looking for ways to grow and promote your Instagram account.  This blog explains 6 ways you can do promoting your Instagram Account that without putting a strain on your budget. Check out the following – 

6 Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account

1. Share Unique, High-Quality Content 

What’s there on Instagram? The answer is: an ocean of content!

And there is no shortage of content on Instagram! In fact, it is the most active social network of today, that allows users to share their content multiple ways, such as feed, Stories, and Reels.

So, if you want to build an audience and recognition for yourself, you should focus on contents that are unique and relevant. 

If your content does not have anything of value to offer your audience, why would they engage with it in the first place?

2.  Create Loads of Content.. Routinely 

To boost your account, you should create a content calendar based on the performance of your Instagram posts and account. Use the performance metrics to prepare a pool of content for your Instagram.

What’s more important than sharing a bulk of images and videos is that you share your updates at the right time. To learn what’s the right time, you can consider using the built-in Instagram analytics feature.

So, stick to a routine when it comes to promoting or setting up your Instagram account for growth!

3. Cross Platform 

A number of creators and marketers want to learn how to promote Instagram accounts for free. Sharing your account and post URLs on other social networks could be a way out here.

The best way to do that is to take a screenshot of your account or post, upload it on the platform you want to promote it on, and put a nice description along with your account or post URL.

This way, you can encourage your followers on other platforms to join you on Instagram. Plus, it will broaden the reach of your posts.

4. Don’t Just Promote

Instagram is a social network. And that’s the reason why you should not act like an aggressive marketer here.

Take time out to socialize. Speak to your followers by commenting back on their comments. Heart their comments too.

You can answer the questions from your followers and thank them for their suggestions or remarks through your Instagram Stories as well.

To connect with your followers in real time, you could consider going live on Instagram.

Socializing adds to your efforts to promote your Instagram account.

5. Paid Ads 

Want to gain a quick and stable traction? Then, you must learn how to promote your Instagram account with paid tools.

There are several paid marketing tools available. And the most effective one is to use paid ads on Instagram

There are third-party social media marketing tools too.

Paid ads can give your account and post reach a massive boost, and help you find new audiences too. For this, you should familiarize yourself with how Instagram ads work.

You can also consider partnering with popular creators or marketers to gain visibility for your Instagram account. 

6. Use Mezink

Mezink is a free Android and iOS app that can also help you promote your Instagram account like a pro.

It is a dynamically-designed link-in-bio tool, that gives you an easy-to-use dashboard/landing page along with an easy-to-remember URL.

On your Mezink landing page, you can add links to all your posts, blogs, vlogs, streams, websites, and social networks.

And just for your information, Mezink allows you to add unlimited links on a single dashboard. For your convenience and the convenience of your audience, you get the option to categorize your links. For example: You can put your social networks in one category or all your Instagram posts under one category.

Once you have set up your Mezink dashboard, there are two ways you can use its URL – first, in the bio of your Instagram profile and second, you can share this URL with your followers and audience through your posts on other social networks.

Using this link, your audience will be able to find and follow you not only on Instagram but also on other social networks you are present on.

So those are 6 easy ways to promote your Instagram account.

Want to display and share links to all your Instagram posts or social networks on a single landing page? Try Mezink, link in bio now!

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