How to be a Youtube Content Creator From Beginner?

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The Youtube platform has now evolved into a social media platform that generates a substantial amount of revenue. Consider a YouTube Creator from the United States who may earn a monthly net profit of roughly $37.000. This is why so many individuals are rushing to start their own YouTube channels. Some of them have made it big and gained popularity. However, many people have failed in the middle of the path. So that you may effectively grow your YouTube channel and become more popular. Check out the steps below to learn how to be a YouTube content creator.

1. Create a Youtube account

The very first step when you want to become a YouTube content creator, of course, is to have an account first. Create your own Youtube account using your gmail account or phone number. Make sure you remember the password as well as the account details you created. So that in the future, when a problem occurs, it will be easier for you to solve it. An easy way to create a youtube account is to first login to a gmail account. For the first time, it is recommended that you open it through a browser first.

2. Create a Youtube channel

If you already have a YouTube account, the next step is to create the YouTube channel that you want. For detailed steps, you can follow the following list :

●  Click the channel icon next to the top right corner or in your profile picture.

●  Then click the gear icon or settings or settings

●  Scroll down and then click the ‘add new channel’ option

●  Fill in the required channel details such as the channel name. Try to create a channel with a name that is easy to recognize and remember.

●  When you click the ‘create’ button. Wait a few moments then your youtube channel has been successfully created.

●  The final touch that you should not forget is to edit information such as description, profile photo and also your account links to other social media.

3. Content Production

Actually there are no restrictions and rules about how you have to produce content that you will upload to Youtube. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Like the originality of the work, healthy work that is free from harsh words and adult content so that the audience is comfortable with the content you create.

4. Detailed & Complete Youtube Content Title

Not many people know that when uploading content on Youtube, they must pay attention to various things. For example in choosing the right video title. For the title try to use words that are persuasive and interactive. However, don’t be too click bait. You can use the keyword ‘video’ so that your content is easier for viewers to find. In addition, use a maximum of 1000 characters in the title or description.

5. Apply SEO techniques in video titles

Did you know that SEO techniques will also make it easier for your content to be superior in search algorithms? Well, a simple way of SEO techniques that you can apply to your YouTube content is to insert your chosen keyword in the title.

6. Installing Youtube ads

You can run this step if you have succeeded in producing interesting content and binding many viewers. Youtube ads can be a source of your monthly income. However, your post chooses the duration of the ad, the number of ads and also the placement of the appropriate ads time. Insert a maximum of 3 ads slots in the video. Don’t be too pushy to insert ads in the videos you make because it will make viewers get bored easily.

After understanding how to be a YouTube content creator above and the steps. You can practice on your own to make a video channel. Good luck.

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