How to Promote Our Built-in NFT? Guaranteed to Sell Fast

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NFT or Non-Fungible Token is increasingly being discussed by many people. Especially since some of the country’s celebrities began to plunge into the world of NFT. For example, Syahrini and Anang Hermansyah. Of course, this incident is not without reason. NFT managed to get the attention of the public because it can generate such a large profit. For example, Ghozali who managed to make billions of rupiah in profits because of knowing how to promote NFT.

Just like crypto, NFT also carries blockchain technology. However, the difference between the two is that NFTs cannot be easily traded. Because every individual who successfully buys NFT has a special certificate that cannot be transferred.

Everyone can become an NFT creator without exception. You can trade your digital assets such as photos, videos, sound recordings or songs to various other types of digital assets. If someone likes your work. They will buy it with a crypto currency called ETH or etherium. Well, if you are a beginner who wants to dive into the world of NFT. It would be better if you know in advance how to promote NFT so that you get a bigger commission. Come on, see the reviews!

How to Make Our NFT Prices is Higher?

Selling and buying NFT at the first time of its launch was indeed quite difficult. Because there are still not many people who may be familiar with the NFT system. Another problem also comes from the large number of content creators who have started to enter the NFT world and become your rivals. Instead of lowering the price of your NFT work, you can also start trying to set a strategy so that the price of your NFT digital asset is more expensive. How to follow these steps:

1. Create Original Works

Did you know that all digital asset works on NFT must be guaranteed authentic? Yes, in the NFT world you can’t arbitrarily claim someone else’s work. Only works that are truly made by you will be allowed to be traded.

For this reason, the first step you must take when trying to sell NFT is to present your original works. In order to prevent copyright and also fines from related parties.

2. Unique and Distinctive Works

There may be a lot of NFT creator content starting to emerge. However, make sure that your NFT work has a higher superior value. Like by highlighting the characteristics and uniqueness in each of your works.

Pack your work as uniquely as possible so that many people think that your work is rare and in high demand.

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3. Works with Stories or Meaning

The secret to the success of NFT content creator Ghozali is that he manages to present unique works and have an interesting storyline. Departing from this, you can also describe the stories and meanings behind the creation of your work. That way, potential buyers will feel attached and more interested.

4. Have a Good Name & Reputation

It is undeniable that the more popular your name is in the eyes of the public, then it will be easier for you to sell NFT. For this reason, make your charm in the public eye better. The trick is to exist on various social media, regularly showcase your original work on websites or blogs. Until starting to build a professional content creator profile with the help of a link on bio applications like Mezink.

How to Promote Our Built-in NFT?

Promoting our NFT is not a difficult thing if you can start to rebrand your profile. Remember, it’s not only how good your work is that determines the best-selling of your NFT digital assets. However, the person behind the creation of the NFT works is also an important aspect in it. Therefore, as a content creator, it would be nice to make your content creator profile more professional. The method is as follows:

1. Build or Be a Part of a Community

The community can bridge you to meet potential buyers. In addition, if you manage to build your own community. Your name as a content creator will also slowly rise and your NFT will sell faster. Joining a certain community is also a plus for you. Where you can promote NFT to many more people.

2. Create Profile Link on Bio

The more professional content creator profile you have. Then the better the community’s assessment of you. Especially if you are a new content creator who has just started.

Try creating a link on bio with the Mezink app. Insert various social media links, websites to your NFT account in it. After that, share and link the link to various social media that you have so that it is easier for others to see it.

Well, that’s how to promote NFT. Are you interested in practicing it?

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