How to see who views your youtube videos?

Video sharing and marketing

Youtube is becoming more and more popular and is now as common as Google and Facebook. Youtube is not only for entertainment but also provides very useful information, motivation and educational videos.

YouTubers are often asked, “Can you see who’s watching your YouTube videos?”. If you are one of them, this blog will help you learn the answer to that question.

Have you ever thought about what kind of information Youtube stores about you and your activities and which of them are available to YouTubers? This blog will answer all your questions. Read further to know more.

One thing you may have noticed is that YouTube lets you watch videos for a few minutes without logging in, and then it prompts you to log in with your Google account. Without logging in, you can not like, dislike or comment on a YouTube video. Have you wondered why this is? 

This is done to get information about the person before they can do any activity on youtube.

Now the question is whether this data is available to the owner of the video since you have to log in to YouTube before you can like or dislike or even comment on a video.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions to YouTubers about YouTube videos. So, let us get into these details.

Can you see who’s watching your YouTube videos?

YouTubers have access to data about their YouTube account and videos that help them analyze the type of users, but due to privacy concerns, YouTubers can not learn the name of the person who watched the YouTube videos.

The reason why this data is not made available to YouTubers may be a privacy concern. Google does not want your activities to be made public. However, you had seen the note “XYZ channel viewers watch this” under some YouTube videos in a similar context to YouTube channels.

Other than that, this does not add any value to the YouTuber or the growth of the channel, so this information is kept private.

Can you see who has viewed your Youtube shorts?

Youtube Short is a feature recently introduced by Youtube to analyze audience adoption of your Instagram and Facebook reels. It all started with the huge success of TikTok around the world.

Youtube shorts are short videos and Youtube treats views of Youtube shorts a little differently than views of Youtube videos. But much like YouTubers can not see who’s watching their videos, viewers of Youtube shorts are anonymous to the creator.

How to find out who did not like your video on Youtube

Unlike other data, there is no option in YouTube Studio to check who does not like a YouTube video. You can only see the number of dislikes for the video and the ratio of likes and dislikes.

How to find out who liked your video on youtube

Similar to the dislikes, YouTubers do not have access to the data on how their videos have been liked on YouTube. This data is kept anonymous by YouTubers. Although YouTubers do not have access to the data, such as who likes your video, Google still collects all the information. So act responsibly.

What can YouTubers see about their viewers?

Youtube provides various information about the YouTube channel’s viewers in its analytics section. This information is provided to Youtube to analyze what kind of audience the individual has and how he/she can improve their content to get more reach and grow the channel. Here is some information that is available to YouTubers.

When your audience is on YouTube

  • Age and gender
  • Viewing time of subscribers
  • Viewing time of subscribers
  • Channel comments and mentions

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