How to use Google Trends for Youtube?


Google Trends, Youtube, SEO are just a few of the many areas in the world of digital marketing, and digital marketing is subject to major changes and advancements in the post-pandemic situation. You may have all seen the number of Youtube channels suddenly skyrocket in the past two years. Several digital marketing agencies had anticipated this flourishing trend and had long back started developing amazing Youtube strategies for their valuable clients.

Ever wondered how?

Youtube is an entertainment and information platform that has gained a huge number of users worldwide over the years. These users include both viewers and creators. Youtube has been flooded with many, many amazing videos that have given new meaning to art during the pandemic.

In this blog we will discuss marketing strategies, how to use Google Trends for YouTube and more. Read further to know-

How to use Google Trends for YouTube?

Google Trends are a product of Google that helps us create potential keywords and content topics with a wealth of insights. Google Trends project the popularity that a particular keyword or search query has gained over a period of time. So before we get into how you can use Google Trends for YouTube, you should first understand what Google Trends and the YouTube algorithms are.

Google Trends analyses data from the vast worldwide network like the following –

➢ The total number of searches based on a geographical location and the representation of the time span of each search are the two areas into which Google divides each search to compare its respective popularity. The resulting numbers are then ranked on a scale of 0 to 100 according to a keyword or topic.

➢ Search volumes can be different for different search topics in different regions, even though they have the same search interests. Therefore, Google Trends can reflect appropriate data for a particular search term and show its popularity in different parts of the world.

What is a youtube algorithm?

You may have already read about the Google Page Experience Algorithm update,

Similarly, the youtube algorithm focuses exclusively on certain aspects of a particular video –

  • CTR
  • The average time visitors watched the video.
  • The number of shares, comments, likes, sections and dislikes a video has.
  • The growth rate or popularity of a video.
  • The frequency of video uploads to a YouTube channel.
  • How much time does a user spend on YouTube?

The Youtube algorithm works under the above criteria. This is what is analysed when each video is uploaded to the youtube platform.

Google Trends for youtube

You can find out about Trending Topics by simply doing a search in the Google Console. The dropdown list will show you the most searched or popular topics in each timeline. Topic ideas can also be taken from YouTube search dropdowns, which also show similar data relevant to your YouTube channel or niche. Another way to get deep insights into Google trending topics for YouTube is to use Google Trends.

In Google Trends, the feature ‘Categories’ allows you to enter your niche or YouTube channel, based on that you get the top trending searches on YouTube.

The category range may be limited so that your niche does not fall under it. However, you can still search for a specific and related term to get search trends on YouTube.

Watch out for seasonal topics

Some search topics only have seasonal popularity or search volume. For example, a recipe for cold drinks may gain seasonal popularity as it is only used in summer. So if you can successfully fish out a suitable topic that is seasonal or situational, you can make good use of the Youtube algorithm. 

Youtube search term trends

The integration of Google Trends for finding appropriate keywords is helpful because it shows you the popularity of search terms and the timeline for that search term. Some search terms gain popularity over time. On the other hand, some search terms lose popularity over time, which is shown in the form of a timeline in Google Trends.

A prominent example would be the search term “home workouts”, which had a medium to low popularity and experienced a spike when the pandemic broke out. As most people around the world were forced to stay at home, this search became trending and gained popularity.

Topic popularity by region 

In Google Trends, you can filter out the topics for searches by different regions. This result shows the difference in popularity for the exact search terms in different locations.

This is one way to answer the question of how you can use Google Trends for SEO.

The main purpose of splitting search terms by region is local optimisation, where you can sort out and target content for people in a specific location. It is also possible to compare the data of the exact search term in different locations. A timeline of the popularity of the two locations is displayed for better analysis of YouTube trends.

Trending searches on YouTube

We spend hours surfing YouTube, looking for entertainment, information and so on. And there are many influencers and professional YouTubers who are our personal favourites.

If you look at the case of trending youtube searches worldwide, “BTS”, a music band, is the most searched. 

To sum up, with proper use of Google Trends, you should get a deep insight into what kind of topics we need to choose, what keywords are trending the most and much more to become trending searches on youtube today. Youtube marketing plays a commendable role in the future of digital marketing in India.

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