What are the Top Writing Skills You Need to Have in Digital Marketing?

If you work in digital marketing, you must have a specific range of writing skills to create impactful content. Product descriptions, articles for a blog or service, and social media posts all require an intelligent, quality approach.

There are four types of writing that you should be able to create, as follows:

  • Persuasive writing. The creation process is about knowing how to persuade the reader to take action.
  • Informational writing. Usually, this type is used in blogs.
  • Official letter. Suitable for journalism.
  • Informal letters. Most often used in posts on social networks.

Often, marketers turn to the Essay Writer Pro writing company in order to get a ready quality piece but it’s better to be able to create content yourself. In this article, we’ll talk in more detail about what skills a digital marketer needs to have to create effective and efficient texts.

Search for authoritative sources

To write a good article that site visitors will appreciate, you must either be an expert in your chosen field or study several verified sources of information. The main criterion here is their authority. 

Since anyone can publish information online, it is worth checking the article’s author and expertise. If you want to retain the trust of readers, refer to publications from reputable sources, for example:

  • Articles and studies published on other sites
  • Videos from video hosting and other web resources
  • Podcasts
  • Books

Specialist citations can be a great filler for your content and validation of your theses. Use this tool to increase user interest in your article.

Create a structure and outline of the article

Before writing, you should work on your article’s structure and plan for it. This skill will help simplify your work several times, making it clearer and more understandable. As a rule, the structure contains the following mandatory elements:

  • Headline. This is a short, succinct phrase that most accurately reflects the overall idea of the whole text. The headline should correspond to what is written in the material and be catchy and attract attention. 
  • Introduction. This part of the article interests the reader, providing only initial introductory information that motivates him to read the material further.
  • Main part. This part of the article is the most informative and contains the most facts. The text should be easy to read – broken into paragraphs, with numbered and bulleted lists, blocks, and outliers.
  • Conclusion. The last part summarizes what has been written, voices the text’s central idea, and provides a stimulus for reflection and for commercial texts – a call to action.

As a digital marketing professional, you must be able to plan and structure everything you write, film, and create online. This approach will simplify your work and make your content clearer and easier to understand.

Ability to write sales texts

Sales or commercial text is one of the most common short articles in digital marketing. It is similar to advertising in many ways but more specific. It is a prevalent text format in email marketing.

To write selling texts, you must clearly understand the target audience of your website, social media account, etc. Then, determine the purpose of the content, such as subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product, or clicking a link. Use this structure to write a selling text:

  • Headline. It should attract the attention of users.
  • Introduction. In a commercial text, the introduction is not just an introduction to the material but also a description of some problem, the solution of which will follow.
  • The main part. Here you propose solutions, describing the benefits the user can get by buying a product by visiting a specific site or online store. Benefits can be mentioned directly or indirectly – through examples or simulation of a situation.
  • Conclusion. This is a direct call to action: buy, order, etc. This part of the article has the lowest percentage of information and is most similar to advertising.

The ability to write sales texts in digital marketing is valued as much as the ability to remember and attend all the meetings without scheduling software. Without this skill, it is impossible to imagine successful career and professional growth.

Edit content

After writing an article, it has to be edited. It is better to do it not immediately but after some time. Take a little rest, and switch your attention to something else. So you can look at the material without a washed eye, catch the inconsistency of logical transitions, or find more appropriate words.

Check the article should not only for typos but also for stylistic syllables – it should have a single format aimed at a particular target audience. In English, from time to time, there are complex words and turns, the correct spelling of which can cause difficulty.

Highlight essential elements of the text

Users don’t read every text but rather look through it with their eyes, making sense of what they see. This process is called speed-reading, and it’s important for you as an author. 

Speed-reading is based on the reader perceiving large units of text, and the rest is completed using imagination or accumulated experience. Highlight words in the text using the following principles:

  • Highlight only essential words in a sentence that affect its meaning
  • Use bold type in no more than half a paragraph to avoid making the content-heavy
  • Use numbered and bulleted lists
  • Highlight significant numbers, dates, and facts

Speed-reading is essential in both small and long-form texts, where you fight for the user’s attention in every fragment. Simplify the process of reading your article to retain many readers.


More than half of the content on the Internet is in the form of text, so someone with writing skills is highly valued in digital marketing. How you approach creating this kind of content will significantly impact the effectiveness of the entire project.

Be careful when writing articles or sales texts. Carefully check each paragraph, make a competent structure, and plan your actions. Improve the skills we have described, and become the best writer in your niche.

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