Tips to Sell Your eBook Online for Beginner

Are you an author, artist, or educator, wanting to publish your book in the near future? If so, be ready for a host of challenges coming to you in the process.

The most demanding challenge here would be to create a book that your audience can relate to. For this, you will need to be an expert in your trade – that you already are, that is the only reason why you are going to publish your book.

Another nerve-wrecking challenge would be to find a publisher and get your book or eBook published, so it can reach your audience. A bitter fact here is, not every writer finds a publisher, and their work remains unpublished forever.

Tips to Sell Your eBook Online For Beginner

1. Self-publishing Your eBook

But, in an era dominated by digital and social, you can get your book delivered in the hands of your readers without any publisher. Even if you can’t find a publisher, there are ways you can release and sell your books.

How? You can self-publish your eBook, make it available on leading eCommerce platforms, promote it online, and sell it to your audience.

This blog elucidates a few tips for selling your eBook online – 

2. Create and Compose Your eBook – 

The first step to getting your eBook published is to create an outline and write your eBook. Add supporting images wherever required.

Once done, send the document to an expert (it could be a friend or family member) who holds a good grasp on the subject matter for editing and proofreading. Revise the changes suggested by the editor and send the copy again for another round of editing.

This makes sure that your eBook is free from errors.

3. Format your eBook –

Most common eBook format is, .pdf, which expands to Portable Document Format. You can convert your document in .pdf format using any software or web application of your choice. 

To prohibit piracy, you can consider encrypting it with a password.

You could choose other file formats as well such as – .ePub, .mobi, .iba, etc.

There is another translation for formatting your eBook. It means, aligning the texts and images in the eBook in a visually appealing and no-confusing manner. 

It helps increase the readability of the book on different devices. You will need to cross check how your eBook looks on multiple devices including smartphone, tablet, phablet, iPhone, iPad, eBook reader, and laptop.

Formatting also involves designing a picturesque, piquant cover for your eBook.

4. List Your eBook –

Find an ecommerce platform where you can list your eBook. You can do this on Amazon and eBay both. Once you have listed your eBook, promote it on social networks to boost its sales.

5. Using Mezink to Self-publish and Sell Your eBook – 

Mezink is a link in bio app which also lets you sell your eBook and other digital products. Create your profile or landing page on Mezink, list your eBook, and create a payment link. 

Now, promote your book on social networks, bring potential buyers to your Mezink landing page, and sell your eBook. You could also use paid social network ads to increase the sale of your books.

Apart from your eBook, you can also link and display your social networks, contact information, and website to help your audience connect with you.

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