How To Use SEO In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Most people today know that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to  a successful online business. They may not know  how to use it in their marketing plans. Integrating strategically-chosen keywords with valuable content can significantly increase your online presence and, ultimately, your bottom line. More importantly, knowing how  customers find your company is invaluable information. 

However, this is only the first  of many levels to create a stable revenue stream. Growth and longevity require implementing a data-driven marketing plan that generates repeat business. Once you’re done, you’ll need to reevaluate your data and revise your plans to win new customers and retain your existing business. Over time, you can build a recycling funnel system that consistently generates revenue. This is known as data-driven marketing.

what is SEO?

We know what SEO means, but what does SEO mean in the world of marketing? If you build or update a website for your business, you need SEO to be organically discovered online and keywords are important. Of course, you can also pay for rankings, but this is an expensive option and must be done on an ongoing basis to maintain  good rankings. Also, it does not guarantee the top ranking. You want organic leads because they found you through  search engines or other free methods. 

When search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing crawl your site, they try to find words that are related to what people search for most. Large companies know the importance of keyword research. Consider this. Type in “best cleanser for sensitive skin” and you’ll see all the blogs on the first page. However, using keywords like ‘laundry detergent’ or ‘cleanser for sensitive skin’ will bring up more name brand companies in your search results.

Quality content is a must

You want people to visit your website and stay there longer to see what you do and what you offer. The average person spends only 15 seconds on her web page and he takes less than 1 minute to proceed to the website. With quality content, you can engage your users and ultimately convert them from  customer to customer. Think of it like a retail store. Customers come and go all day long, but it’s the customers who buy things and come back.

Optimizing your content

There are many services available to boost your ranking, so there is no  guarantee that you will rank #1 on any major search engine, but your goal is to rank in the top 30. If  your site has 10 or 15 pages, you should optimize your content to make it work better. Be sure to create titles and descriptions that include keywords for all pages of your site. It also uses alt text to add text to images. The photos on your  website are great, but search engines can’t validate them. Add the name of your website  or a short blurb about your job to the image file.

Pay attention to technology trends

In a recent survey, 64% of respondents believe a data-driven marketing strategy is the key to online business success. Technology is advancing in our daily lives, and new services are appearing. Knowing what’s out there and how it can benefit you is critical for any online business. If you don’t change your technology, you’ll lose Internet customers and hurt your bottom line. Track how Google ranks your website and uses analytics tools. This will give you a more successful website. A change in technology can very well boost your viewership.

Test your Website

Many websites offer great tools to help you check your website’s performance. Track what words people are searching for, where your traffic is coming from, how long people stay on your page, and more. Again, Google Analytics is a great tool that you know how to use. 

Know what your competitors are doing 

Competition is good for business. You have to stick to your game and get more creative. But you don’t have to do it blindly. Knowing which keywords competitors are using to drive traffic to her website can be valuable marketing intelligence for your business. Websites like are great tools for data-driven marketing strategies.

Website Optimization and Marketing Strategies

There are various ways to collect data. How you use it determines the success of your business. As Blum Worldwide CEO Kate Cooper pointed out, digital marketing has tracking capabilities that generate data, but Direct he couldn’t accurately track through traditional marketing mediums like email and print. The biggest challenge is selecting the most important data for analysis. With all the information at your fingertips, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

As explained above, researching your competitors is a great starting point for creating a website that attracts and retains customers. With the keywords that drive customers to her website, she can determine what is beneficial and what is not  beneficial to her marketing strategy. Also, make sure to optimize every aspect of your website. Add alt text to images. If you have a blog, use at least two headers on every page or post. Use external links. Don’t forget to keep testing. Strategy and planning require fluid elements. 

Business is rapidly changing online, and  the way search engines rank is changing as well. When a competitor changes the way he builds his web presence, it affects you. It’s important to avoid  a reactive approach. Be proactive in your research to find out how best  to stay on top. Also, make sure other parts of your business are in top shape as well. As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Stable companies thrive.

Alt Text

Using alt text is an easy way to improve your SEO ranking. Images are not  ranked, but text is. Include short, descriptive words and keywords in your alt text. If you sell handwoven baskets, consider adding this tag to your images. Not only does this improve your site’s ranking, but it’s also useful when  searching for images, as the alt text is searched instead of the actual image itself.


Using headers is a simple but often neglected way to improve your website’s search engine rankings. A web crawler first looks for header 1 and header 2 on a website, then crawls smaller header 3, header 4, and so on. Failing to add the first few headers will have a serious negative impact on your SEO and rankings. Never omit headings.

External links

You may think that linking to another website will negatively affect your ranking. Why would you want to draw attention to another website? But  at least two external links will boost your SEO. Make sure you’re linking to related articles,  not competing articles, and linking via keywords. If your business sells skylights in Maine and Vermont, link to a website that explains the top five benefits of skylights for homes in the Northeast. If you can find an article by searching the topic on Google, you can link to the article from your website using the keywords you used in your search. 

Test and Retest

Remember to test your marketing plan the same way you test any other theory: the scientific method. We start with the data we collect. Then ask questions about the information collected. Determine hypotheses or theories about this data and test them experimentally. Then analyze the results and draw conclusions. Finally, use this information for fluid marketing plans. Take these steps often to keep your strategy ahead of the market. 

Balance Within Your Company

Set company-wide goals, not just marketing  goals. Having a solid marketing plan is another thing, but if the rest of your business is in dire straits, it will eventually fail anyway. Don’t spend money on marketing until  all other areas of your business are in place, from your company’s finances to your point-of-sale system.

Set SMART and RACE objectives

To win in business, you must complete SMART RACE. Yes, it’s true that success is a marathon,  not a sprint. You can’t plan and start right away and sustain success. Think of your marketing strategy like a marathon. Move forward at a steady pace and win over time. Using the SMART RACE acronym will help  you achieve your goals.


SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic,  Timely. 

 Be specific: Have a specific goal and audience in mind.  Measurable: Make sure  your strategy contains measurable data. Can you track where your audience is coming from? How can you acquire customers? What are your conversion and retention rates? 

Achievable: Making a $1 billion in the first year is not an achievable goal for any business. Also, getting 1 million new blog followers is not an achievable goal. Make sure  your plans are realistic and that your growth plan includes hiring and retaining employees. Acquiring customers is great, but it means nothing if you can’t keep them. 

Realistic: Can you achieve the goals outlined in your marketing strategy? Is the schedule you set for yourself to reach your goals feasible in the current economic climate? Make sure  your marketing strategy is realistic. 

 Timely: Timing is everything. We don’t want to be left behind in business or ahead of the curve. Make sure  your plan includes data for the current economy. Don’t use outdated research when planning for future growth. Yes, you can use old data to come up with new strategies, but always test your theory before putting it into action.


RACE stands for: Reach, Action, Convert and Engage

Reach: There are many ways to reach your customers. The Seven Touch Marketing Principle states that to attract new customers, he must capture the customer’s attention at least seven times through different techniques. This may include social media posts, emails and even offline contacts. B. Print Media and Personal. You can drive more traffic to your website by setting up multiple channels such as advertising and social media. You can also use other of his websites to  promote your business, such as a small blog or a large discount site. Using a variety of paid, owned and earned media will help you grow and succeed. 

Action: Actions come in many forms. Ranging from user interaction to calls to action. Either way, the goal is to engage your potential audience and help them take the first step towards becoming a customer. Words like ‘Limited time offer’, ‘This week only’, ‘Join our mailing list and get 25% now’ are good examples. They’re all telling potential consumers that if they act now, they can get a great deal or  get something they might not have after a certain amount of time. Using a variety of mediums to convey this message honors the Seven Touch strategy and directs you to complete specific tasks. 

Convert: Reaching prospects is one thing, but actually converting them into sales is another. If your website has 100,000 visitors every week but he only has 10 items for sale, your conversion rate will be terrible. Include realistic conversion goals in your marketing strategy and develop ways to increase conversions over time. 

Engage: You’ve reached your target audience, encouraged them to take timely action, and closed the sale. Now you have to make sure they come back. Engaging with customers ensures a lifetime revenue stream. Provide value-added services by notifying you  about new products and encouraging you to take advantage of future promotions. One of the best marketing strategies is to grow your current customer base. It’s easier to sell to customers who already know your product than to  onboard customers you’ve never met. Remember Seven Touch. 

Research and create websites that improve your SEO rankings, test your implementation, use the data you collect to innovate your marketing strategy, leverage SMART RACE techniques, and collaborate for success in all areas of your business. 

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