5 World’s Biggest Earning TikTok Content Creator

TikTok’s popularity has recently risen. Various groups of various ages really like the application, which comes from this bamboo curtain country. Along with its popularity, of course many people such as influencers to TikTok celebrities have sprouted. Unmitigated among them even managed to buy various luxury goods after being a content creator on TikTok. Check out who are the world’s biggest earning TikTok content creator

1. Baby Ariel

In the first place there is a beautiful woman who comes from the United States. Baby Ariel is one of the most influential TikTok influencers today. Even though she is still relatively young. She is only 19 years, but she has managed to achieve success.

Just imagine, by playing TikTok Ariel was able to earn an income of $150.000. Because his talent in processing various interesting content. There is no doubt that his followers on TikTok are now reaching more than 30 million people with a total number of likes exceeding 592 billion. It’s pretty fantastic!

2. Zach King

Who would not be amazed by the magic tricks and illusions of Zach King? This Content Creator was originally famous on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. However, now he has started to explore other social media such as TikTok. Same as previous experience. Zach King also managed to reap success through this new platform.

It is estimated that Zach King’s income from TikTok is $125.000. Currently, Zach King’s followers have reached more than 27 million people and are predicted to continue to grow over time.

3. Riyaz

Don’t want to lose to Baby Ariel. A young Indian creator named Riyaz has also managed to get coffers of money through TikTok. Even though he is only 16 years old, Riyaz has managed to collect $112.000 from his work as a TikTok content creator.

4. Kristen Hancher

This blonde long-haired girl is often nicknamed the living barbie. Her beautiful face plus her various interesting content is the right combination.

Kristen Hancher has more than 23 million followers on TikTok. In addition, he has also managed to collect $105.000 from TikTok.

5. Loren Gray

Another influencer that is not less famous is Loren Gray. An American girl who has more than 35 million followers. Almost every day Loren uploads short video content on his TikTok account. Various compliments and likes were successfully received by this beautiful girl.

Thanks to his power, Loren Gray became an influencer with the most income today. Every time he uploads a post, Loren can get a profit of $160.000. That’s quite interesting, isn’t it?

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