Best Tools for Freelancers in Digital Marketing

tools for freelancers in digital marketing
tools for freelancers in digital marketing

Freelancing is  more than just monetizing your hobby or passion project. It also requires discipline, diligence, and the ability to manage clients and projects independently. More than 1 billion freelancers, including you, make up the global workforce. This represents a whopping 47% of the world of work. 

If you’re a marketer looking to streamline your workload and increase your productivity, we have some tools for freelancers to add to your toolbox. Leverage these resources to become an organized and efficient digital marketing guru.  

Investing in these must-have platforms will keep you up to date on  everything from project management  to her SEO optimization. 

Automating or streamlining certain tasks gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Become a digital marketing force with these freelancer marketing tools.

How Tools Help Freelancers

You have the freedom to choose your clients, the freedom to work on your own time, and the freedom to do what you love. 

Now is the time to find the best freelance marketing tools  and embrace the freedom of  streamlined workflows. 

Freelancers often juggle multiple projects. Managing all your tasks and deadlines can be difficult without the right tools. Platforms like Trello and Asana help organize tasks, track progress, and communicate with customers. Without these productivity gains, freelancers can struggle to manage workloads, meet deadlines, and maintain professional client relationships.

The Best Tools for Freelance Marketers

As a freelance marketer, having the right resources makes a big difference. 

Whether you’re just starting out or have been around for years, choosing the right freelancer marketing tools  is an important factor. 

Using these tools can cut the time you spend on tasks in half. This allows you to focus on the future of your business. 

Here are some of the best tools for freelancers.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest should definitely be on your ultimate list of free SEO tools. Not just because Ubersuggest is my tool, but because it’s great for finding new keywords. First, enter a keyword or phrase into the tool. Today we will talk about Digital Marketing. 

Enter an expression and click the Search button.  Ubersuggest provides data on the following metrics: 

  • Search Volume: The number of times a keyword was searched for in a given month 
  •  SEO Difficulty: Estimated Organic Search Competition 
  •  Paid Difficulty: Paid Search Competition Expected 
  •  Cost Per Click (CPC): Average cost per click in Google Ads 

 It also tells you how many backlinks and domain score you need to rank on Google’s first page. This is displayed above the keyword search volume graph.  

Ubersuggest offers so many ways to generate keyword ideas that I endorse it. Start with Ubersuggest as a free keyword research tool. Once you become familiar with the software, you can upgrade to unlock all the features the software has to offer. Check out the different plans and rates.

2. AnswerThePublic

This is also a keyword research tool, but with a twist.  AnswerThePublic provides insight into the actual search queries users enter into search engines. You can then use this data to design your keyword research. Let’s say the keyword you want to rank for is “earrings”. 

Click Search to see the questions your viewers (and potential viewers) are asking. 

The prepositional form indicates all manner of questions. From here, you can formulate your content strategy accordingly. See how your competitors are doing (or if they’re doing it at all) to close the gaps in your industry. Not only is it an easy-to-understand tool  for freelancers, it also suggests search topics you might not have thought of.

3. Copyscape

Protect your work from plagiarism.  As a freelancer, your work is your intellectual property. It is important to be careful not to copy or use without  permission. It’s also important to make sure you’re not plagiarizing someone else’s work. 

Copyscape is a quick and easy way to  check for plagiarism by searching the web for duplicate content. You can also get the copied source included in the client’s work you are reviewing or brushing up. 

With Copyscape  you can rest assured that you are delivering high quality, original work.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool that makes  life easier for marketers. Managing multiple social media accounts for various clients can be challenging for individuals or small teams.  Hootsuite simplifies this process by letting you  manage your social media accounts  in one place. 

Schedule posts in advance, monitor engagement, and track the performance of your social media campaigns with this all-in-one solution. 

Hootsuite also provides insight into audience behavior, helping you tailor your content to your audience’s needs.  Manage your clients’ social media presence and save time while delivering quality results.

5. Canva

I can’t think of a single marketer who doesn’t use Canva today. 

This software gave marketers the confidence to create anything without a graphic experience. Canva makes it easy to design cost-effective, professional graphics. 

As a freelancer, you need to create visually appealing content that stands out from the competition.  Canva is very simple. This graphic design software offers a dashboard full of ready-made templates, graphics and design elements that you can customize to match your clients’ branding and messaging. 

Create social media posts, infographics and presentations in  minutes.  Since this tool is beginner-friendly, you don’t need  design skills to use it effectively.

6. Zapier

Want to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow? 

 Use Zapier to connect the different apps and other marketing tools you use in your work. 

 This allows information to flow seamlessly between all of them. 

 You can save time by avoiding manual data entry and focus on more important tasks like developing marketing strategies and creating content. 

 Use Zapier’s extensive library of seamless integrations with popular apps to easily set up automated workflows without  coding skills.

7. Mailchimp

As an all-in-one email marketing solution, this is one of the best tools for freelancers. 

 Bonus points  for ease of use and low price. 

 Mailchimp allows freelancers to: 

  • Create and send professional email campaigns.  
  • Manage your email list. 
  •  Track campaign performance.  

Yes, you can do it all with this one platform.  

Mailchimp also offers a variety of pre-made and customizable email templates that freelancers can tailor their branding to  style her guide. 

It has advanced segmentation and automation capabilities to send targeted and personalized messages based on subscriber behavior and preferences.

8. Asana 

 Asana is a tool for freelance marketers that streamlines project management, task delegation, and collaboration with clients and team members. 

With this tool you can: 

  • Organize your workflow.  
  • Assign tasks to specific team members.  
  • Set a deadline. 
  • Track your progress.  

This ensures that all projects are completed efficiently and on time. With a central hub for communication and file sharing, you can work together seamlessly, eliminating the need for multiple tools and platforms.

9. Trello

Trello provides a flexible, visual way to manage projects, tasks, and deadlines. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards help freelancers organize their workflows in a way that works best for them. 

Whether it’s a project or a task, Trello’s interface is simple and intuitive.  

Quickly add and assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress—all on the platform. 

Collaboration features like commenting and file sharing allow freelancers to easily communicate and collaborate with clients and team members. 

10. Google workspace 

You should be familiar with Google Workspace. This is the new and improved G Suite. 

It offers a comprehensive hub of productivity apps that help you manage your work more efficiently.  Google Workspace includes tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Meet. 

These apps allow freelancers to communicate, collaborate, and share files anytime, anywhere, and from any device. In particular, we appreciate how Google Workspace provides advanced security and privacy features to keep our customers’ sensitive data protected at all times.

11. Slack

Slack takes team communication and collaboration to the next level.  This communication platform helps you stay in touch with customers and her team members in real time. 

Slack’s instant messaging feature allows freelancers to communicate quickly and easily, making it easier to collaborate and provide feedback on projects.  

Freelancers can also use Slack to organize conversations into channels based on topics, projects, and clients to keep track of different discussions.  

12. FreshBooks 

 If you want an easy-to-use platform to manage your finances, bills, and time tracking, this is the tool for you. 

FreshBooks makes it easy for freelancers to  create invoices, automate payment reminders, and track expenses. Familiarize yourself with time tracking features that help freelancers  bill their clients accurately. 

 FreshBooks’ reporting and analysis capabilities provide insight into your financial situation and enable you to make informed business decisions. 

 You can even integrate with popular tools like Stripe, PayPal, Zapier, and more to automate your checkout process. 

 13. Unbounce 

You may not be her web developer, but with Unbounce you don’t have to. This easy-to-use platform is perfect for building landing pages, popups, and sticky bars without any coding skills. 

Unbounce allows you to quickly design and publish high-converting, conversion-optimized landing pages. Take advantage of her A/B testing feature that allows freelancers to test different versions of their landing pages to improve conversion rates. 

You can also integrate tools like Google Analytics and Salesforce to gain valuable insight into how your marketing campaigns are performing. 

14. buffer 

Creating, scheduling, and publishing content across multiple social media platforms just got easier.  All you need is  this centralized platform.  Buffer allows you to manage your social media accounts and schedule posts in advance. 

Buffer’s analytics capabilities also provide valuable insights into social media performance, allowing freelancers to track engagement, follower growth, and other metrics.  The tool’s team collaboration features allow you to  seamlessly collaborate with your clients and team members on social media strategy and content creation.  

15. Loom 

A phone call or email may not cover everything, but that’s what Loom is for.  

Want to save time and make sure everyone has clear instructions about what’s going on? Create a loom video. This tool can be used by teams or  clients.  This video messaging software makes it easy to record and share videos. 

It’s a short, practical alternative to face-to-face meetings and lengthy emails.  Freelance marketers can use Loom to share project updates, brainstorm ideas, and provide feedback on campaigns. 

Video recipients can also follow step-by-step instructions at their own pace. Loom is a useful tool for all freelancers when they need to collaborate more effectively and productively. 

There are  many AI tools for a freelancer to benefit from in the domain of Digital Marketing. These tools help freelancers find new opportunities and optimize their plans. 

Here are three reasons why AI tools are valuable to marketers, especially freelance marketers: 

  • Better targeting and personalization. AI-powered tools can analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns and insights about your audience. This allows marketers to create more personalized campaigns and improve  targeting, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. Streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. AI tools automate many repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as data entry and analysis, freeing  marketers to focus on more strategic activities. 
  •  This reduces lead  times and increases productivity.  It helps you make better decisions and optimize. AI tools  help marketers make more informed decisions by providing data-driven real-time insights and recommendations. This helps you optimize your campaigns and improve your return on investment (ROI). 
  •  Some AI tools are expensive, but many are free or offer affordable pricing plans. The ROI is significantly higher in terms of time saved and increased efficiency.  AI tools for freelancers are definitely worth considering and can give freelancers a competitive edge in the market. These won’t replace your skills completely, but they can help you do your job more effectively and efficiently.

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