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Mezink has ignited a revolution in the way content creators share and manage their links online. This is an ultimate guide to what Mezink is and how it eases your work and life!

Mezink gives users a landing page with an easy to remember URL. The page allows content creators, influencers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and ecommerce retailers to show their social media profiles and other web links in a systematic order on a single dashboard.

To calm your excitement, Mezink is an advanced link in bio tool, which has got more than what other tools in the same category have.

What is Mezink?

Mezink is an app that you can download on your Android and iOS smartphones. 

Imagine opening all your links on your mobile or smartphone, copying their URL, pasting them on email or messenger, and removing the fetched thumbnails – one by one! 

If you are a digital creator, this exercise is going to take a hige amount of your time.

This is where Mezink comes into picture!

If you have to share your work/portfolio with a client or you want to connect with your followers on other social networks and channels, you can add and customize your Mezink page and share its small and simple URL. The individual with the link will be able to find all the information and links made available by you on a single landing page.

Your Mezink link is a master link for all your social networks, online work links, portfolios, playlists, affiliate marketing products, and ecommerce lines and shops. And yes, you can sell using your Mezink link.

This super tool also enables the creators to receive payments, tips, and donations from anywhere in the world though secured payment options.

The app has been designed to save your time and efforts, and eases your life as a creator, streamer, blogger, vlogger, affiliate marketer, and ecommerce retailer.

How It Works?

You will need to download the Mezink app from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore on your smartphone. Before personalizing your Mezink profile/page and URL, you will need to set up the app on your phone by choosing your preferred language and allowing permissions.

(Currently, Mezink supports two languages: English and Bahasa (Indonesia). More languages are lined up, and will roll out soon.)

Log into your Mezink account, and you reach your Mezink page. Now, you can add your profile picture, customize your Mezink link, and add as many personal and professional links as you want on your dashboard.

When you put this link in your social network bio, you can guide your followers from your videos and updates to visit your profile and follow the link in bio. This link will take them directly to your Mezink page and from there, to a website or landing page to take a desired action, such as to follow you somewhere or to buy a product you are promoting.

Categorize Your Links

There is no limit to adding links on Mezink. However, to display your work and make it easier for your visitors to find the right information and for you to manage your page, you can classify your links in different categories. 

For example: all your social networks under one category, your affiliate marketing products and ecommerce shops in one, and your latest offers and deals in one.

And there is no limit to creating categories as well.

It’s Free!

While other link in bio tools charge you a certain amount annually even for basic features, Mezink is a free service that comes with premium features like adding shop and analytics on your page at no cost.

No Transaction Fee or Commission!

You do not have to pay any transaction fee or commission for funds you receive in your account via your Mezink link. And there are no hidden terms and conditions for that.

How Does Analytics Work?

The analytics feature of Mezink helps you gain knowledge on the performance of your links. You can also see how many clicks and views your profile has generated over a period of time.

This specific feature gives content creators an opportunity to change their marketing and content strategy for the better.

Why It Matters for Creators?

Mezink takes the load of managing multiple pages and links off your mind and helps save plenty of your time, so you can focus on what’s more important – your content.

Once you have started using Mezink, you will love it for how it enhances your and your users’ experience.

Show All Your Links – In an era dominated by social networks, it is an essentiality for a content creator to have an active presence on all leading platforms. This is what gives you and your content visibility.

Apart from that, you will need to build your portfolio too to find new opportunities. If you are an influencer or affiliate marketer, then you will have a lot of products to offer too.

You can list all your online links on a single page on your Mezink dashboard.

Connect with Your Fans on Other Social Networks – Your followers can find and follow you on other social destinations on the web by visiting your Mezink page.

You do not have to share each link one after another on your videos, streams, blogs, and vlogs. Your Mezink profile link can store and display all the platforms you are present on. 

It also enables your fans to follow your official profiles, not fake or fan-made profiles.

Receive Tips at 0% Commission – Mezink is a totally free platform and follows a zero percent commission policy. 

You do not have to pay any transaction fee or certain amount on each payment you receive from your fans via Mezink Link.

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