What is CRM in digital marketing?

CRM in digital marketing
What is CRM

Popularity, growth and competition have made digital marketing challenging. This has led to companies realising that they need to adopt some form of CRM to withstand the test of time.

Just because digital is the name of the game these days, do not forget what makes your business unique in the first place. When using digital marketing and the tools that come with it, you should target the people who made your brand successful in the first place, namely your customer base. These important relationships brought your business into being and will keep it afloat in the future, never forget that.

Moreover, CRMs were born precisely out of the need to track key customer segments to ensure digital marketing success. But what role exactly do they play in your day-to-day business? Read on to find out!

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is basically any marketing activity and strategy used on digital platforms such as social media and websites to attract potential customers.

Most efforts focus on various measures such as content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, email marketing, etc., everywhere potential customers spend most of their time.

Why use a CRM?

A CRM, or customer relationship management system, adds an extra layer of human interaction and personalisation that your digital marketing strategies may be lacking. It individualises customers so you can build a stronger and more lasting relationship with them.

The software collects an immense amount of data, which can then be segmented according to certain criteria. For example, customers of the same age and with the same interests are stored in one place, making it easier for the sales team to target them.

In this way, your marketing strategy is optimised: Thank you to automation, you save a lot of time and money.

CRMs can also streamline invoices: They reduce the processing time and cost of each invoice, as well as the error rate.

What about eCRMs? 

While all CRMs have their unique benefits and features, not all are created equal. CRMs like Odoos offer unique features like the ability to create automated and targeted marketing campaigns, end-to-end customer journeys, engaging email campaigns and more.

And unlike other CRM systems, Odoo’s fully integrated solution lets you combine the power of the CRM system with a whole range of powerful thirdparty business applications and apps.

What role does CRM play in digital marketing?

Nowadays, more and more, if not most, activities take place online, from web searches to shopping, etc., as it is more efficient and convenient. The days of queuing in a shop or searching endlessly in encyclopaedias are long gone…

Brands today need to be able to adapt to our new, fast-paced, digital world. They also need to know how to get the most out of the customer data they get back. For this reason, more and more companies are opting for personalised offers and ads that are specifically targeted to certain audiences.

Given the large number of similar products and services, this is undoubtedly the right strategy.

But how do they make use of customer data? Do you personalise offers and ads? Or even just segment their customer base? Are you using a CRM…

Its a fastpaced world, and businesses can not afford to lose sight of their customers.

Advantages of using a CRM in digital marketing

  • A CRM collects and analyses key data from websites that customers visit frequently to get a good overview of their preferences and interests. When the prospect leaves your website, you can target them with personalised ads that appear on other websites and remind them of what they just saw on your website.
  • Facebook is particularly known for this type of marketing. You may have noticed that a website you have clicked on shows up as an ad on their page. Or if you click on their ads and log back in, you will see similar suggestions.
  • This is a quick reminder of your previous search and gives  you a little nudge to look at the site again, which could lead to a possible purchase.
  • Thank you to CRM advertising, as mentioned earlier, you can target the right customers with the right products or services. You get a good overview of the age, gender, geographical location and much more.
  • As it is so efficient, thanks to the results of likes and dislikes on digital platforms and the help of stored data, a company can access, track and directly refer to a customer’s past purchases.

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