What is NFT in The Crypto World?

Just like crypto, lately the term NFT has gone viral on various social media. Especially when the story of a young man named Ghozali from Indonesia managed to reap billions of rupiah in profit because of this NFT. The concept is quite unique and the value of the content created by Ghozali makes many people invest money in his content. However, before we explore further about NFT and its relationship with cryptocurrencies. Let’s first understand what is NFT.

What is definition of NFT? and Why NFT can be expensive?

NFT is a digital asset in the form of works of art or collectibles that can be used to buy things virtually. These art items and collections can be in the form of a personal photo, digital image, copyright songs, sound recordings, videos, games, and others.

Unlike crypto, NFT is a kind of non-exchangeable token that is usually found in blockchain technology. Even though it has been around for 9 years, namely in 2014. NFT has only seen more and more fans since the end of 2021.

Another difference between NFT and other tokens is that NFT guarantees the authenticity of the various contents in it. So the price can be more expensive over time. Every NFT buyer can have a work with a 100% guarantee of authenticity without anyone being able to copy it again. Uniquely, you can also receive a certificate of proof of ownership.

But remember, if you have a certificate of ownership of this digital asset. Cannot be traded or exchanged for other assets. So make sure that before you buy any content on NFT. You have researched and analyzed in advance what the future prospects will be.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency or crypto currency is a digital currency that is predicted to be a currency in the future. The reason is because cryptocurrencies are not issued by a specific authority. So the value of crypto is immune from the realm of government and politics that occurs in a country or the world.

There are various types of crypto, for example, such as ETH, BTC, XRP to BNB and many more. Of the various types of crypto coins. Most are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology.

In contrast to NFT, crypto coins are very easy to trade. In fact you only need to take less than a minute. The crypto coins that you have can change ownership. In addition, you can also exchange the crypto coins you have for real currency in your country. Like exchanging it into dollars, rupiah or other currencies.

But even so NFT and Crypto also have a relationship. Basically NFT and crypto are both part of the blockchain. These two digital products still use the same database even though they are used differently.

How to Increase the Opportunity to Sell NFT Products Fast

Well, after we discussed the relationship between NFT and crypto. Now we’re going to give you tips and ways to increase your chances of profiting from NFT sales. How do you do that?

1. Preparing Digital Assets

Everything in NFT is a digital asset. You can’t sell physical objects like in online shopping marketplaces in general. In the initial step, prepare in advance your various digital assets such as photos, music, videos to the graphic designs that you create.

2. Create a Professional Content Creator Profile with Mezink

Next, create your content creator profile account to make it look more professional by creating your own website link on bio. By installing the Mezink application, you can add various website and social media links for free.

Make your website link on bio look as attractive as possible. By uploading your photo and then inserting a description and social media links or whatever. You can also add a link to your NFT account to make it easy for other people to know

3. Create an Account on the NFT Marketplace

After creating your profile and setting up digital assets. The next step is to register an account on the NFT marketplace. Make sure you connect your NFT account with the available e-wallet.

4. Mining NFT

Mining NFT is a process of converting a digital asset into an NFT. All of your content will be stored in the blockchain. Name each content or digital asset, write a description and then click “create”.

Well, that’s the article that discusses about what is NFT and how’s NFT works in the crypto world. How are you interested?

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