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Mezink is what you are looking for. With more than 100K+ Users, 4.9 rating across Playstore and Appstore, Mezink is the smartest link in bio tool for anyone on social media. Consolidate all your social links like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and showcase all your affiliates, Collect data from your audience like emails, name, whatsapp numbers etc. List your digital products, NFTs and much more.



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Why customers think Mezink is easy to use:

Set up custom website easily

Create your own custom website with a huge built in collection of themes or create your own theme seamlessly for free
Set up <span>custom website</span> easily

Easy to Create Forms

Float Forms within seconds by just clicking the dedicated button for forms, accept payments from your audience using our support payment feature by adding a payment link in just a few minutes
Easy to Create <span>Forms</span>

Sell Digital Products

Sell digital products Like NFTs, music file, templates, presets, courses, ebooks, Photographs, Videos and more by simply uploading the files, Buyer will recieve your content after the payment
Sell Digital <span>Products</span>

Set up Payments easily

Collect payments for services, digital products or tips from your fans
Set up <span>Payments</span> easily

Why Mezink is the best alternative to Linktree

A mobile app for

A mobile app dedicated to manage everything at one place
A mobile app for </br><span>everything</span>

Set up Collections

Create Collections within Seconds
Set up <span>Collections</span></br> easily

Generate Invoices

Manage Invoices in the most simple way possible
Generate <span>Invoices</span>

Built for NFTs

Showcase all your favourite NFTs on your Mezink page
Built for <span>NFTs</span>

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Sebagai creator yang punya beberapa channel, Mezink membantu pembaca saya untuk melihat dan pergi ke berbagai channel tersebut. Tampilannya juga simple dan bisa di customize, sehingga berasa lebih eksklusif dan beda dari platform serupa.

GetgohComic Artist
Sergio Van Dijk

Using Mezink really made my social media platform more complete. Followers can find all my information directly in my bio. If you have a lot to share but can’t get it all in you bio, I advise to use Mezink. The best of all is that you can adjust the information, anytime, anywhere.

Sergio Van DijkPlayer Agent | Former football player

Semenjak menggunakan mezink, aku bisa dengan mudah untuk menambahkan fitur link medsos aku lainnya agar bisa di akses hanya dari satu landing page mezink saja. aku juga bisa mengatur tema mezink sesuai yg aku mau, pokoknya mantap deh!

OalakomikComic Artist

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Creators Trust Mezink

Over 1000 creators use Mezink for running their business
Ahmad Renaldi

As a digital creator who constantly active on social media, I need some kind of landing page who supports everything i need, simple and compact yet visually themed.. And mez.ink got it all.

Ahmad RenaldiPhotographer
Darwis Triadi

Mezink is really helpful because I can easily customize my social links as an update on my social media. Also excellent service from their team. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Darwis TriadiPhotographer

Jujur, aku sudah pernah coba beberapa apps landing page yang lain sih. Dari semua landing page yang pernah kupake, cuman mezink yang paling reliabel dan paling ergonomis diantara semuanya.

enyotcomicsComic Artist


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