Frequently Asked Questions


What is ? is a service that helps YOU to increase your online presence and get financial support from the audience of your work. This support is one-time (not a subscription) and can be equipped with features that can arouse the interest of your supporters. is not a platform for live streaming. You can live using existing live streaming platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live, NimoTV, etc.

Can i use ?

So far, many of them are streaming while playing games, making music tutorials, drawing tutorials, photo/video editing tutorials, DJ shows, talk shows, casual chats, to karaoke based on the audience's request. is very open to your ideas in using our services. But of course as long as all of this is in accordance with applicable law in Indonesia (please read Mezink's Terms & Conditions for more details at

I am not a content creator. Can I still use ?

Certainly can!

You can still create your own profile page, manage your multiple links and view profile analytic

You still can get the support from your audiences, it will still go to your account even if you are not live. The drawback is that there is no real time notification when the donation comes in.

But you can still read messages from your supporters in the 'Feeds' menu on the website or application

What live streaming platforms can integrate with ? is integrated with broadcasting software that offers 'Browser Source' feature; we recommend using OBS or SLOBS

Can the funds that have been sent be withdrawn?

Can not. Support funds that have been successfully delivered cannot be withdrawn via for any reason.

Why can't the barcode be scanned? barcodes are not QRIS so they cannot be scanned using the scan application available on the e-wallet (Gopay, OVO, Dana, etc.). Please scan the QR code using the camera / barcode scanner application. After that, you will be directed to the donation page to be able to choose the mode of payment you want.

What is the minimum support and minimum funds that can be disbursed ?

The minimum fund for support is IDR 10,000. The minimum fund that can be disbursed is IDR 50,000 Minimum funds may vary according to currency, the example above is for IDR

Where can I ask about other things that are not listed in the FAQ?

If you have any problems or need help, you can contact us via email at [email protected] Our customer service is not 24 hours, so for emails that come in outside business hours, please be patient waiting for a reply! Don't forget to follow our instagram and twitter for info about (maintenance, new features, etc).