5 ways to improve your online presence as a photographer

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Those days are gone, when artists/photographers had to wait for the photographs to develop to be able to present to the world and sell. Today, in the times of digital photography, selling a print, enhancing online presence is just a few clicks away. The easy accessibility also means more competition, which further makes it vital for creators to amplify their virtual presence through social media—being one of the essentials in life today.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your online presence as a photographer on Mezink-

  • Create an Artist Profile 

What is an Artist profile for a photographer? 

A compilation of drawings/paintings/photographs collated together along with their detailed context written in a way that it is comprehensive universally.

To Create a Profile refer to this blog.

  • Create your own Website

Why is it necessary to have a website for a photographer?

Having your Photographs out and about on the digital realm helps one reach the targeted audience, connect with one’s own Artist community, and helps you reach zillions at once saving a lot of time. Furthermore, having a customized website helps a Photographer express their artistic concern in the best way possible without any filter.

Neon light photography
  • Be consistent with your uploads

Uploading content on your website is just not enough. One needs to be consistent with the updates to maintain social media engagement and generate leads. Sharing regularly can help you improve your SEO.Don’t have any technical expertise to do it?  Don’t worry Mezink got you the easiest way to create your website and develop it with 0% commission!

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  • Create a Link-in Bio for your social media profiles

Creating a Link-in-Bio helps creators reach the right audience in an organised manner across all social media platforms. This leads the audience to a customized landing page with all the relevant links you would want to share with the world.

  • Be active on your social media platforms

Being active on social media platforms as a photographer like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter does not mean posting constantly without any curation. Content curation plays an equivalently important role in the consistency of your posts.

Quality content posting on a moderate time interval saves you from scam threats to your profile as well as draws and engages organic audiences.