7 Inspirational and Interesting Content To Enter FYP TikTok

The change in social media trends seems to be more pronounced with the advent of TikTok. In the past, people often spent their time browsing Instagram. Now people tend to choose Tiktok as their number one entertainment social media platform. Thanks to this huge demand, finally, many people now want to just appear to exist on the Tiktok #fyp page. Of course, you have to experience intense competition so that all your content can enter the Tiktok #fyp. However, in this article, we will try to tell you what kind of Inspirational and Interesting Content To Enter FYP TikTok. Don’t miss it!

What is FYP?

Before we discuss Inspirational and Interesting TikTok content, we have to know that  FYP is  For Your Page.

If you notice, when you open the Tiktok app for the first time, you will be presented with a home page view. In this homepage, you can see random videos that have duration 15 second to 3 minutes long. The Tiktok algorithm allows you to view content created by the other users without you having to follow them. As long as the video is viral and matches your interests. These videos can be shown and entered into your homepage fyp.

The more often your videos appear on #fyp, the more you become famous. Gaining a lot of likes and views.

Then, how do you get your various video content to enter fyp? There are some inspirational and interesting Tiktok content that you can try to make. Like some of the lists below:

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Tiktok Content Inspiration:

1. The “Poison” Vids

Content with the “Poison” topic is very easy to enter into the Tiktok #fyp. Usually this “Poison” vids is a video review and recommendation of many kinds that is combined. Well, if you have a business, you can try to create content with the following ideas. You can show the audience what things you make and what things make you like them.

If you are a beginner, you can also make these “poison” vids by collecting whatever items you have purchased. The types are quite broad, you can review your favorite food, futuristic gadgets, and cool toys 

2. Humor or Joke

You know that everyone loves to watch and hear jokes, right? Well, from here you can make funny content videos that contain humor. Or you can even upload a short video that you think is funny.

As a tip so that your video goes viral faster, you can also add a touch of editing in the form of effects or trending songs.

3. Beauty Product Reviews

The beauty product market is so wide and plentiful in Tiktok. Well, with this opportunity. You can try to develop beauty product review content. No need to buy new things, you can review products that you have tried for a long time. Usually the audience also prefers honest reviews than content that seems to be made for advertisements or endorsements.

4. Tips & Recipes

Watching food recipe videos that are too long will be very boring and time consuming. Therefore, the emergence of various video tips & recipes on Tiktok is very popular with users. Well, you can try this content inspiration by sharing the recipes you have.

In addition, you can also try to share tips on saving on shopping for various foodstuffs. Or also cooking tips for boarding children with a low budget.

5. Education

Health education, education about social issues and history can be other alternatives that you can make. But first make sure, if all the educational information you put forward is not a hoax.

6. Film Review

If you are a movie addict. This is the time for you to retell films that have long appeared on the small screen. You can give a brief synopsis. Then interesting things that are rarely known by people. You can even tell the conspiracy theories that have emerged for a long time.

7. Tutorials

When YouTube was still successful, various video tutorials were very much in demand. What’s happening on Tiktok is the same. You can make video tutorials using objects, installing objects to make up tutorial videos that you are using.

Well, that’s the Inspirational and Interesting Content To Enter FYP TikTok that you can try to do. I hope its helps!

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