8 Must-Have Apps For TikTok Content Creator

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The key for your video to go viral and become the #fyp (for your pages) of TikTok users is that the video must be interesting. There’s no need to be confused or struggle to prepare a specialized equipment to make your short videos popular. The reason is there are various apps that can facilitate the process of making your TikTok videos. Well, for that, let’s look at the various a must-have apps for Tiktok content creator.

1. Zoomerang

Do you like the boomerang feature that is usually present on Instagram? If so, then you should try the following apps: Zoomerang is a special app that can make your videos and images more unique and up-to-date. You can also edit your various content with various effects and templates. For sure, your video will be far from the word “tasteless.”

2. FilmoraGo

This app that you can download on your Android smartphone is worth to try. Various interesting effects are also offered by FilmoraGo. For example, effects for cute style, cool styles to amazing anti-mainstream effects, Another advantage of FilmoraGo is that its an easy-to-use app. You don’t need special editing video skills to use, because the various features it has are specially designed to be friendly to novice users.

Although this app is a normal smartphone app, Make no mistake, you can make various music videos for movies more easily. Interesting, right?

3. Capcut

You can also try this app that is often recommended by famous TikTokers. Moreover, the Capcut app is a special made by TikTok developers for its users. So you can explore video editing styles to your content. You can try and explore various effects, transitions, filters, music, and stickers. You can maximize your imagination and creativity with this one app. Who knows, your editing results will eventually go viral and be followed by other creators.

4. Zoetropic

Unlike the previous app, Zoetropic is a motion-specialist video editing app. You can create motion graphics from a collection of photos more easily. In addition, you can also add 3D effects and animations to make your videos more interesting.

5. Magisto

Try to insert the videos and photos you want into this app. Then, Viola! You will get instant results immediately. Because this app can turn a collection of videos or photos into an interesting video in a short time, Of course, it will be easier to save your time.

6. Instashot

The Inshot video editor app has various professional features in it. You can add background music, emoji, transition effects, filters, to quickly blur the background. In addition, you can also cut and delete certain parts of the video you take.

7. Quik

Quik can help you complete any video editing project easily and quickly. As the name suggests, this app doesn’t take much time to make your videos even more amazing. With just a few taps, you can juggle the appearance of your various videos into the video you want. Quik is also a free video and photo editing app from GoPro, so you don’t have to worry about the quality anymore.

8. Mezink

Various must-have apps for Tiktok content creators above, you really need to try them all. However, so that your career as a content creator becomes more successful. You also need to use additional apps such as Mezink that can make it easier for you to interact with fans and monetize content to build a professional profile. It will help you a lot to showcase your other Social Media or Channel links only with a single link for your TikTok bio link.

Let’s download the Mezink right now!

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