How to Create Custom Background on Your Mezink Profile?

Mezink now allows users to customize the look and feel of their profile cum landing page. There was already a similar feature on the app that enabled users to choose from a sea of themes and give their profile a unique outlook.

But now, you get advanced customization options on your Mezink profile.

This blog is an easy-to-use guide to help you personalize your Mezink profile and give your audience a better interface and experience while they are on your page –

What is Mezink?

If you are a creator and if you don’t use Mezink, you could be missing out! 

Mezink is an advanced link-in-bio tool that gives you a dynamically-designed landing page along with a short and simple URL, which you can put in the bio of your social networks.

Apparently, most of the social networks allow users, creators and businesses to add only one link in their bio. However, you might have more than one link to share with your followers and to sell your products.

On your Mezink profile, you can add and display all your social networks on a single dashboard. When followers visit your Mezink profile by clicking the URL shared by you on a post or in your social network bio, they will be able to find and follow you on your other social networks as well.

Mezink allows you to add unlimited links and display them in a streamlined manner, so it is easy not just for you but also for your users to use your landing page.

Additionally, you can receive tips and donations at zero percent commission with your Mezink landing page.

Download and Set-up or Update Mezink App on your Phone – 

To avail the new profile customization feature, you will need to update the Mezink app on your smartphone. Just open the PlayStore or AppStore on your phone and update the app.

If you still don’t have the Mezink link in bio tool, this is the time to download it from Google PlayStore for your Android smartphone or from AppStore for your Apple iPhone. Sign up and set up the app on your phone once the download is finished and it has been installed.

Open the app on your phone, and it will guide you through; allow permissions and sign up using your Google account.

Open the Mezink app on your smartphone after setup is complete and you will see the screen above. I chose this background from the predesigned themes available on the app.

Earlier, there was no option to use any other picture or background.

But now, you can do a lot more.

Change the Theme – 

Tap on the text “Theme” in the top right corner. And you will reach the interface shown below – 

Scroll down and you will find dozens of new themes on this interface. You can choose the one that appeals to you most.

Theme Customization – 

If you want to add more personalization to your Mezink page, simply tap on the first block “Create your own background”. You will see the following interface then.

Here, you can select and upload a picture from your phone gallery.

Moreover, you also get the option to change the style of button and text on your Mezink profile.

Select an Image for the Background –

Tap on the “Select image” button, and locate the image (that you want to use as your Mezink profile background or theme) in your phone gallery.

This will change the background image of your Mezink profile almost instantaneously.

Choose the Button Style – 

Once you have changed the background, it is time to change the button style. Tap on text “Button” below the thumbnail of your Mezink home screen.

You will see different styles of buttons then. Select the one that steals your attention. 

You can also change the color of the button and the color of text on the button.

Tap “Save” once done. This will change the style of all the buttons visible on your Mezink profile.

Change the Text Style – 

The way texts appear on your Mezink profile can also be changed now.

Tap on “Text”, and you will see different text styles available on the app. Select the one that matches well with your style and enhances the look of your profile.

You can change the color of Text as well.

Select the color, and tap “Save” to save your settings.

My profile looked like this after customization.

Now, you are ready to add your social network, work, and payment links on your Mezink profile. 

Need help customizing your Mezink Profile/Page? Got something to ask? Drop it in the comments section below! We’ll get back to you soon!!

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