Confused About What Content to Create? Here are Instagram Content Inspiration

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Instagram is a heaven for content creators. There you can explore your creativity which is supported by interesting features from Instagram. Being a content creator, of course, requires ideas or inspiration according to the field you are engaged in. If you’re stuck or out of idea what content to create, don’t worry! The following are some recommended instagram content inspiration for content creators.

Instagram Content Inspiration for Content Creators

1. Make-up/beauty

For those of you who like to apply makeup, you can try makeup content. For example, by making a make-up tutorial. If you are still a beginner, you can start by creating “daily makeup look” content or about daily skincare. Besides make up, you can also try making face painting

2. Music

Music is life. If you have a golden voice, you can try making song cover content on your Instagram. Who knows you will be noticed by the original singer and invited to a duet! Apart from singing, you can also show your talent for playing musical instruments.

3. DIY

Do you like making things? Have high creativity? You can try DIY content or hand crafting for your Instagram content. You can start by sharing tutorials on how to make something simple and easy to follow.

4. Cooking

Those of you who have a hobby of cooking, can try this content. If you are still a beginner, you can start with simple and easy to follow recipes.

5. Fashion

Sharing fashion recommendations with your followers can be used as your Instagram content. You can share trending fashion, teen fashion, fashion going to an event, and others. Who knows your fashion style content will be glimpsed by clothing brands and you can make money from there

6. Photography/Videography

Do you like photos and videos? It’s a shame if your work is only stored in the gallery. You can try to share it on your Instagram. Who knows you can become a reliable photographer/videographer

Well, those are some recommendations for Instagram content inspiration for content creators. Have you decided what you want to do? Determine your passion and have fun creating

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 Instagram Content Inspiration