Want to Make Money from Tiktok? Try to Follow How to be a Tiktok Content Creator

The existence of social media today can be an opportunity for young people to earn money. For example, one of the social media that is currently in demand is Tik Tok. Besides functioning as an entertainment media, Tik Tok also has a special system for content creators to earn money. However, not immediately. Everyone who becomes a Tiktok content creator can get a big profit or money. Well, to maximize your Tik Tok account to become an additional source of income. Take a look at the following article on how to be a Tiktok content creator.

Before you plan to monetize your Tik tok account. It’s good if you understand how the ‘salary’ system by Tik Tok is. Different from other social media such as Instagram and YouTube. Tik Tok pays its content creators based on gifts given by viewers to you. Not referring to the number of viewers or subscribers on your account.

Tik Tok also applies the fyp system or for your pages. So the Tik Tok algorithm will bring up videos from content creators that are viral or being discussed a lot. However, getting your video to appear on someone’s fyp is very difficult now. Because currently there are so many Tik Tok users and you have to compete with other creators.

However, don’t worry because we will discuss some tips about how to make your content appear more often on fyp.

4 Tips How To Be A TikTok Content Creator

1. Use trending songs

Have you ever felt that the same song or sound often appears on your fyp in the same relative time frame? Well, this is one of the key algorithms from Tik Tok. Usually, Tik Tok will show more videos that use viral sounds for their users.

Therefore, try to always be up to date with existing trends. You can recreate the same video with your own unique touch. Or you can try to arrange the song with various styles of music that you like.

2. Short duration video

Currently, Tik Tok has a maximum duration is 3 minutes. However, did you know that many people like to watch tik tok videos with a shorter duration? Well, you can try this to maximize it. You can create a short content that discusses something. or also try to create various short inspirational content about ootd photos, quotes, funny chats or other unique content.

3. Hashtags

Having hashtags can also make your content easier to display. There are various types of hashtags on Tik Tok. However, make sure you still choose hashtags that are relevant to your content. In addition, you can try to use the Tik Tok hashtag formula which is often used by well-known creators.

For example you can insert the hashtag #fyp #ootd #namalagu #foryourpage in the description of your Tik Tok video content. This set of hashtags will help your video content get more visible on fyp. However, make sure that your video is also interesting, so you can get likes and comments faster.

4. Discussing Viral Issues

It is undeniable, viral issues such as artist gossip or problems that are happening on the national and international scene. Often attracts the attention of users. Therefore, try to explore new ideas that you get from the issues that are currently viral.

How to be a TikTok content creator is actually not difficult. You can start by creating your own personal TikTok account. However, so that your account and content are quickly recognized and have many followers.

To make your contents are easy to be discovered by your followers on many channels, you can use Mezink App! A free tool that makes you able to have a personal web page and helps you to have better engagement with your followers.

There are a number of ways that you have to do. As we mentioned above. So have you done this set of tips?

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