Why Would You Need to Block Videos on YouTube?


There are many reasons why you might want to block videos on YouTube. This blog will explore the six reasons for blocking the videos on YouTube. Read further to know more in details-

1. Keep your children safe online

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet. Many children feel they need to go on YouTube to keep up with their friends and peers.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find suitable content on this site. Movies, music videos, clips from TV and much more can be watched by anyone at any time. There are also a large number of YouTube channels that can cause problems for children under 13.

2. Prevent inappropriate language from being heard in public places

Have you ever watched a video and unexpectedly heard a swear word? This can be embarrassing and even cause other people to see you in a negative light.

Many videos on YouTube contain swear words and other potentially offensive words or images.

Blocking certain types of content at the level of your device can protect you from having to moderate search results and channels. This is especially useful in public places where there are many people, such as the doctor’s office or grocery shop.

3. Prevent children from watching age-inappropriate videos

Hundreds of thousands of educational videos on YouTube teach children aged five to 13 about maths, science, technology and more.

The problem is that when the search function is turned on, children can try to find these educational videos and come across videos that are not age-appropriate.

Blocking videos on YouTube prevents these children from accidentally accessing them. You can also block certain search terms so that your child cannot search for their favourite films or TV via Google.

4. Avoid unwanted political or religious content

YouTube is divided into channels organised by the user who created them. Many of these channels are designed to advocate a particular point of view or promote a particular agenda.

For example, there are entire channels dedicated to specific worldviews and religions that can be easily accessed from anywhere on YouTube. Similarly, there are channels focused on politics that may discuss contentious issues or promote certain ideas.

Parents can protect themselves from unwanted material by blocking videos at the app level. Blocking this type of content helps parents avoid uncontrolled exposure to it.

5. Reduce screen time

Filtering YouTube videos at the app level is one of the best ways to reduce or monitor the amount of time your child spends on their device. There are many apps you can use to set limits so children do not overuse their phone, tablet or other internet-enabled device.

Screen time for children under 13 continues to increase. While there are many benefits to a child owning a phone, it is important that they do not spend too much time on their device. Blocking YouTube videos can reduce the temptation for children to overuse their personal devices.

With the advent of digital educational tools, many parents allow their children to own smart devices to keep up with their classmates. This can lead to school-age children spending too much time on YouTube to get ahead in class.

Blocking videos in the app means your child can not access content without you knowing, and also allows you to track how much time they spend on YouTube each day.

So what can you do to make sure your child’s time on YouTube is safe? It’s easier than you think!

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