How to Create Online Tests with Online Form Builder App

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Looking to conduct online surveys or tests to capture behavioral details about your customers? Or are you trying to figure out what type of content your viewers enjoy most on your YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram channels? Or do you want to organize an online test to assess a group of candidates for your company?

For any of the above-mentioned purposes, you will need to use an online form builder tool, like Mezink, an ultimate app for creators, influencers, marketers, and businesses!

Mezink – Free Online Forms Builder

Mezink is basically an advanced link in bio tool that works just like any other bio link tool. Meaning, it gives you a landing page, where you can show your followers all your important URLs or links. 

But the app is far different from other link in bio apps. It allows you to add as many links as you want. In addition, you can categorize them to make it easier for your visitors to digest the information easily. 

What’s more? Mezink has a cool online form feature available free of cost. You can use this free online form builder tool to create online tests and online surveys.

If you are a business or marketer, you can use the form builder to receive feedback from your customers, generate leads, and evaluate candidates for your open positions. You can use forms for newsletter sign ups, event registrations, and account sign ups too.

Influencers and creators can collect contact information of their followers and visitors by enabling the form on their Mezink landing page. If you are hosting an exclusive online event, Mezink form can also be used for registering for the invite or ticket.

You can use online forms for an array of purposes to grow your business and sales.

Advantages of Mezink Online Forms – 

Online form is a great tool for selling your goods, subscriptions, and sign ups. But that is not the only way you can leverage online forms. Here are some of the biggest benefits of online form – 

Cheaper – Mezink is a free form builder tool. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars organizing physical tests at your premises.

Quick – You can create online tests with online forms quickly within a few minutes. Apart from that, the results of the test are declared immediately as the candidate completes and submits the test. 

If you are trying to generate leads with online forms, you will receive the contact information of your prospects instantaneously in your email.

Customization – You can customize the online tests and forms for your specific purpose.

How to Create Online Test with Online Forms on Mezink? 

Here is a quick guide to create tests with online form builder on Mezink – 

  • Download/update the Mezink app on your smartphone.
  • Set up the app and log in to your Mezink account.
  • Customize your Mezink URL, profile picture, and profile, if required.
  • Go to your Mezink home, and tap on the button “Advanced”.
  • Locate the “Form” builder, and tap to open it.
  • Enter the name of the form. 
  • Create fields you want to capture or questions you want your candidates to answer.
  • Schedule the visibility of the form link.
  • Assign it a category, if needed, and 
  • “Save” the form.

Your form is now ready and will appear on your Mezink profile or landing page.

You can ask your audience to visit your Mezink link (which you can put in your CTA, caption, description, or social network bio), to complete the online test.

If you don’t have Mezink, a Linktree alternative app, on your smartphone, download it now for free!