How to Earn Money from Digital Comics?

We live in an era which is immensely dominated by digital and social.

Digital and social platforms give creators countless opportunities to get fame and earn money. If you are an artist or are good at arts, inking, brushing, and painting, you can create digital comics to gain traction, get visibility and earn a big amount every month for displaying your skills.

How to Get Money from Digital Comics

However, what you earn largely depends on the platform you choose and the visibility your comic strips or books receive. This blog talks about some of the surefire ways creators can earn money from digital comics

1. Create Comics – 

Focus on the content; make sure it is something that your audience can relate to. Find an idea, work on it, draw realistic and interesting figures, use appealing colors and inks to create your digital comics.

There are many ways to create comics these days. You can draw on a piece of paper, and then convert your comics into a digital asset. Alternatively, you can use software to draw and create digital comics that are ready to be published on digital platforms.

2. Find a Publisher or Platform – 

There are several apps, websites, and publications where you can publish and sell your digital comics. 

When you are getting started, you should center on building an audience for your comics first. Once you have an audience who keenly waits for the new editions of your work, you can consider moving to platforms that allow you to sell your comics or membership.

You can also think of building your own digital comics blog or website, where you can sell your products and accessories.

You can pick popular, high-traffic platforms such as Patreon, WebToons, etc. to publish and sell your comics and earn a big amount every month.

3. Promote –

You can use social networking platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, to make your digital comics popular. You can share snippets from your upcoming digital comics as a teaser to excite your audience.

You can leverage paid social media ads to boost your visibility and sales.

4. Using Mezink to Promote Your Digital Comics

If you are an arts creator or a comic book artist, Mezink can be a useful tool for you. 

Do you sell digital comics on various platforms? Then also, Mezink can help you sell your digital comics.

If you self-publish your digital comics, you can use Mezink to display, promote and sell your work. You can link your comics on your Mezink dashboard or landing page, promote your work on social networks, and ask your audience to click the link to visit your Mezink profile to buy digital comics.

In fact, you can display all your digital comics on your Mezink page to allow your followers to appreciate and enjoy your work. This is like bringing all your work together!

The best part is, when you sell a comic book through your Mezink link, you don’t have to pay a single penny in the form of a transaction fee. In addition, you can sell your digital comics directly on your Mezink profile without having to pay us any commission.

Being Popular Instagramer With Mezink Now!

If you are an arts creator, or sketch or comic book artist, and if you don’t have the Mezink app on your phone yet, get Mezink for now!

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