How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers? Here 6 Hacky Ways!

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If we were to wonder, perhaps no one would have thought that a Youtube content creator would become a profession that many people dream of. As a content creator, surely getting a lot of subscribers and viewers is the main goal. But, how to get Youtube subscribers?

Because, believe it or not, adding subscribers to a Youtube account is not an easy matter. Even though our content is already qualified, sometimes we are stressed by the number of viewers and subscribers that does not increase.

So, here we collect 6 tips and hacky ways to quickly add subscribers to your account:

6 Hacky Ways to Get Your First YouTube Subscriber

1. Killer Content

Before starting, you must have killer content, aka good content. Therefore, your video content is what you show potential subscribers. It can start with funny videos, scary stories, sports, or the latest news, which is also sought after by many people.

2. Upload Regularly

Congratulations, you have content that will go viral. But now try to be consistent in uploading with similar quality. If you can’t do it every day, try maybe every 3 days, or a maximum of a week. So that later it will help your prospective subscribers if you really deserve to be subscribed.

3. Share to Other Social Media

For a Youtube content creator, it’s definitely impossible that you don’t have other social media accounts. At least you have Twitter and Instagram. Maximize these platforms to promote your Youtube account. This method is guaranteed to increase subscribers. Youtube We’ll explain later.

4. Include Popular Keywords

Okay, you’ve uploaded and promoted on all your social media. Before uploading, also take advantage of popular keywords related to your video. Do not underestimate the power of these keywords and tags. The science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very useful for helping your videos be found by more audiences.

For example, like this: you make a video about football. Let’s say you made a video explaining the Liverpool vs Manchester United match. Now enter the keywords “Liverpool” and “Manchester United” in the title, description, and tag. That way, the Youtube algorithm can help your videos be seen by many people and increase your Youtube subscribers.

5. The Title Should be Short, Concise, and Clear.

When it comes to titles, the more to the point, the better. Try keywords related to the video in the title. This can help potential subscribers see your videos.

6. Find Out Tips for YouTube.

Most importantly, you must conduct extensive research on YouTube content creators. Even Youtube itself has provided complete tutorials for content creators to succeed on their platform. Also, don’t be shy about asking more senior content creators for tips that can help you.

So, that’s all! How to get YouTube subscribers. The more consistent you are, the more you will get subscribers. And don’t forget to use Mezink app that can make it easier for you to interact with fans and monetize content to build a professional profile. Let’s download the Mezink app right now!

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