Tips for Using Music Without Copyright on YouTube Videos for Content Creator

Sound effects and background music are very important things for a YouTube content creator. Because one of the important things that Youtubers need to pay attention to is in terms of audio effects that can add to the nuances of a content.

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Content creators need to know and ensure that the sound effects or music they use are free of copyright. Because if not, then the video you made may be subject to copyright infringement from Youtube and cannot be monetized. This is Tips for Using Music Without Copyright on YouTube Videos for Content Creator.

What is Copyright?

The term copyright in the Youtube world is quite familiar among content creators. Even so, the fact is that not many people really understand what copyright is.

Copyright is the exclusive right of ownership of a work or content by the party who created the work and is obtained automatically after the declaration. Copyright has been regulated in Law no. 28 of 2014.

The purpose of copyright itself is to protect someone’s work from being misused by other irresponsible parties. Therefore, you should always be careful when choosing the background music to be used in your video content.

Even so, you really don’t need to worry, because not a few music is royalty-free or without copyright. If used correctly, you are less likely to have copyright issues.

3 Tips for Using Music Without Copyright on Youtube videos

1. Using YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library is a service provided by Youtube for content creators to get music and sound effects that are free from copyright. In addition to providing free music, this feature also provides free sound effects that can be used on your video content.

There are various types of sound effects and music available in this feature. You can search through the search field or share directly to the available categories, for example the Asian Drama category, Classic Movie, Cartoon, and so on.

In the YouTube Library, you can also download hundreds of sound effects and music for free. Even so, keep an eye on works that require you to include credit.

2. Editing Software

Editing software is an application that provides a wide selection of music that can be selected as needed. Interestingly, all music and effects in this software are without copyright. So you don’t have to worry about copyright.

Although known to be easy to use, editing software also has weaknesses. One of them is because you need to upgrade to a paid membership in order to use certain sound effects or music facilities.

3. Music Provider Website Without Copyright

This method has the same level of ease and difficulty to do, because it takes a high level of accuracy to find music without copyright. Not a few parties provide effects or music without copyright, but there are still terms and conditions that apply.

An example of a non-copyrighted music provider site is Epidemic Sound. You only need to pay a subscription fee per year or per month, after which you can freely use the sound effects or musical works contained on the site.

The following are some music sites without copyright:

So how ? After you read Tips for Using Music Without Copyright on YouTube Videos for Content Creator, now you know what copyright is and can use sound effects and music free of copyright strike.

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