Pro Tips to Learn Video Editing for Beginner on YouTube

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Your success on YouTube depends on the quality of your videos and how consistently you share your videos on your channel. For quality, you will need to work on the content of your video, in addition to ensuring that it has no production flaws.

That’s when editing comes into play. Editing helps ascertain your videos are high-quality, and free from production errors.

This blog gives you some of the proven tips to edit your videos for YouTube and other video platforms and formats. In short, it answers the biggest question of new creators and youtubers – how to learn video editing for YouTube for free? Check out the following subsections:

Find a Video Editing Application

To edit your videos, you will need a video editing software program. It could be either a web-based application or a software application that you could install on your Windows or Mac computer/laptop.

There are many paid and free video editing programs that you can choose depending on your budget and requirements. Adobe Premiere Pro is the most used paid professional video editing software, and Window Movie Maker is a free video editing tool that comes pre-installed with your Windows PC or laptop. 

iMovie is another free video editing software that Mac users have access to.

You can find more video editing applications for your YouTube videos on the Internet.

Start Editing

Here are the steps to edit your video for YouTube – 

  1. Once you have found the right software for video editing, download and install it on your computer. While the installation completes, read its user manual and watch YouTube tutorials to learn how your software works, especially if you are new to video editing.
  2. Now, open the application and get started with video editing.
  3. You can edit and join multiple videos to create professional-like videos for your channel. View various sections of your video from the timeline, add effects, adjust sound, and delete the shots that you feel would be odd for the final video.
  4. Add on-screen text, graphics, emojis, and other special effects to your video. You can provide your business information, and add your company or brand logo on it to help viewers connect with you easily.
  5. Once you have edited your video, added texts and graphics to it, and removed all errors from it, it is time to save it on your computer in the desired video format.

You can now upload your video on YouTube; it is ready for distribution as well. 

On YouTube as well, there are some basic editing options to enhance the performance and visibility of your video. Don’t forget to try those options.

If you are a new creator, it will be wise to get started with a basic video editing tool. You can scale up as you grow.

However, if you want your videos to be of professional standards, and if your budget allows, you can get a pro-level tool. You can also consider working with a post-production team to zero the chances of errors in your video.

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