What are influencers and how do you choose them?

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In the world of digital marketing, there are various aspects of it. One of them is an influencer. Working with an influencer feels like an obligation for people in the digital marketing world. With its help, all promotions are made easier. However, it’s more than that. Do you know what an influencer is and how to choose one?

What are Influencers

An influencer is someone who has the ability to influence other people to do something. In the world of marketing, an influencer can be defined as a person who is able to influence the purchasing decisions of the target audience. Usually, influencers also work with various parties or brands to help increase brand awareness to the public.

An influencer also usually has a large average number of followers on their various social media platforms. They can also be an artist, a writer, an artist, an expert in their field to a youtuber.

Types of Influencers

Before choosing which influencers you will work with. It’s a good idea to find out first what type of influencer fits your campaign. The influencer profession is divided into several types based on the number of followers on social media.


The nickname micro-influencer is applied to an influencer who has less than 10,000 followers. Even though the number of followers from these influencers is less, the success rate of the campaign that has been carried out is quite large, you know. This is because they have a more specific target audience with a particular business niche.


Macro influencers must have at least 100,000 followers on their social media platforms. Usually this macro influencer is a character whose name is already known, such as a celebrity. The advantage of using macro influencers is that your brand is famous faster and has a more exclusive branding impression.


Next are premium influencers who have the highest number of followers. Usually a premium influencer has millions of followers. Because his followers are relatively more. Of course the resulting range is wider. So you can target all levels of society. However, make sure first whether the budget you offer is in accordance with their rate card.

How to Choose Influencers

Setting Business Targets

The most important thing when you want to work with an influencer is to determine in advance what kind of business target you will be targeting. Make sure you really understand what kind of consumer group you want to interact with or buy the products you offer.

For example, if you want to offer beauty products from local brands. So choose an influencer who often educates or uses local beauty products with a target audience of teenagers or women aged 17-40 years.

Adjust Budget

Determining the budget that you will offer to influencers is something you must consider. You can research in advance what the average influencer card rate is.


Whatever influencers do on social media will certainly have an impact in the future for brands and products. For that, try to find influencers who have a good reputation in order to maintain business brand awareness in the future.

High Engagement

Many followers do not guarantee that the interactions generated by these influencers are also many. We recommend looking for influencers who have high engagement per post & impression. Usually an influencer will provide a portfolio of how many engagements they get in a certain period of time.

Content Production

Pay attention to how often an influencer posts content on his account? Just imagine if an influencer uploads paid promos or advertisements too often. It certainly won’t attract the attention of users. Or even an influencer who rarely uploads their content. It could be that the resulting engagement is even smaller. 

Therefore, pay attention first to the habits of influencers in processing or producing their content. Influencers who are good at managing posting times, responding quickly to viral content are the right choice.

Well, that’s a complete discussion of what an influencer is and the types and how to choose one. Hope it helps.

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