What are the Benefits of Twitch Streamer Having a Bio Link Tool?

Twitch‘s presence was booming among gamers, especially at the beginning of 2018. At that time, a 27-year-old man named Ninja from the United States managed to earn billions of rupiah per month because actively holding live streaming on Twitch. This surprised various parties until he was called the world’s first millionaire gamer.

This Ninja story also brings inspiration to other gamers to start their fortune on Twitch. However, in 2022. There must be a lot of live streamer competitors that it’s not easy for you to beat. Because more and more content creators are scrambling to get fans or viewers everyday. For that, you need a way to increase the number of fans so that you get more donations. The trick is to have a good content creator profile.

The Importance of Building Branding for Content Creators

Just like when a company sells a product or service. Branding really determines sales success. Try to pay attention to various clothing brands or food brands that have well-known brand names. Like Nike, Fila, Converse or Starbucks coffee. In almost every season, many people are willing to queue to get their products. All of that, thanks to the branding that the company has built.

The better your branding, the more people will be interested. Likewise with branding yourself as a content creator. Having a unique, professional and fun branding can be one way for you to attract a lot of potential fans. Not infrequently, if your popularity skyrockets. You can also get offers to work with other companies.

Of course, not all content creators who are active on Twitch can get job offers with various companies. Companies that will hire a content creator are usually selective because it’s the same as choosing people who represent their company. For that, it is very important for you to start building branding from the beginning.

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Create a link on bio

So how do you build the branding of a Twitch content creator? Well, there’s no need to feel difficult to build your personal branding. There is an easy and fast way that you can do to make your profile look professional. The trick is to create a link on bio.

It sounds trivial, but don’t get me wrong. By making this link on bio, all social media links, website links to your ratecard link will look neater.

There are several ways to create a link on bio. However, we are here to recommend you to try creating a link on bio through the Mezink application. You can add any kind of links that you have with an unlimited number. In addition, if you use the Mezink application. You can also monitor which links or website URLs have been clicked or visited the most. Plus, the Mezink application is also free. So you can use various premium features that are offered for free.

Benefits of Twitch Streamer Having a Bio Link Tool

If you are still unsure, start using the link on bio. So in the following, we will explain in more detail the benefits of this link on bio for streamers on Twitch.

1. Look Professional

As explained above. By linking your personal website using the Mezink application. Of course this will help you look more professional in front of fans and clients. You can put a profile photo, add a description or motto to add various kinds of links related to business. In addition, you can also link various kinds of links or URL links that come from social media. So you can connect with potential clients faster.

2. Gather More Fans Faster

As a live streamer, surely you often feel happy when many people come to visit your live stream. However, instead of just being popular on the Twitch platform only. You can suggest them to follow your other social media accounts such as Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

If you already have a link on bio with Mezink. You also don’t need to bother to copy links one by one. Just share the Mezink link and they will see the various social media you have.

3. No Hassle Collecting Links

Mezink’s link on bio can help you collect various links on one website. So you no longer need to open social media links, copy and then send to fans one by one. With just one link, you will save more time and energy.

Those are the various benefits of Twitch streamers having a bio link tool that we have outlined especially for you. Don’t hesitate to start creating your own link on bio using Mezink. I hope this helps!

Creating links from various social media accounts, marketplaces to any website is easier by using Mezink. Enjoy various interesting features such as icon options, wallpaper options and monitor your audience in one application.

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