Must have skills for a Content Creator

Being a content creator requires you to be able to process an idea into fresh and interesting content. The goal, of course, is to attract a wider target audience. As we know, a content creator does not only have to be good at processing a word. But also must have extensive knowledge in processing content in the form of images, videos and sound. Well, the content created will be disseminated through various social media platforms. For example, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok. So, to produce interesting content, which skills that must have by content creator?

1. Creative Thinking

It doesn’t feel right if a content creator only creates standard content that is generally done by other people. Therefore, you must be able to think of new concepts in every content material that you will present. Thinking creatively, innovatively and also always up to date with surrounding issues will greatly help your career development.

2. Self-confident

Having a confident attitude is one of the things that can make you different from others. It is possible that new materials that you are working on can be viral because of your confidence. So don’t hesitate and be more confident in your abilities.

3. Know Market Share

Have you ever thought about what market share you have? Just like a product lined up on a minimarket shelf. All of these products are designed to target different market shares. Well, so is the world of content creators.

Before thinking about how to conceptualize the content that you will create. It would be better if you first identify the market share you have. You can make simple analyzes like checking how old your followers are on average. In addition, you can also do market testing by creating 2 to 3 examples of content with different concepts. From there you can make a decision. What content do you create that has a lot of impressions, likes or positive comments?

4. Draw attention

Unique and ‘fresh’ things can be the center of attention that will lead you to success. For example, viral things that have recently spread on social media that you may never have thought of doing something similar.

You can try to identify what are the advantages of yourself. Then process it into a special attraction. Never be afraid to be different. Because the things you do can even become a trendsetter on social media.

5. Creating Useful Content

Internet media has many types of content criteria. However, did you realize that from the millions of content. It turns out that there is a lot of positive informational content which tends to go viral quickly.

Therefore, try to create positive and useful content. In addition, this way you can also make your good image on various occasions to be better. So it is possible that in the future there will be many brands or companies that offer cooperation.

6. Network 

Having a good relationship between fellow content creators will also help your work in the future. By having an extensive network. It is also possible that you will get a new job from a friend or colleague.

Well, besides that, try to be interactive with fans or followers. Understand if a fan or follower prefers if their ‘idol’ reads comments or simply replies to their messages. However, with a note that you don’t need to reply to all of their messages, yeah.

Your followers or fans in the future will always increase and always follow what you will do. Therefore, it is wise to choose what kind of content that you will serve in the future.

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