Real Time Youtube Subscriber! This is Youtube Subscriber Counter

Subscribers are viewers who have clicked the Subscribe button on a YouTube channel because they want to watch more content from that channel. So, Subscriber count shows the number of viewers who have subscribed to your YouTube channel. If they turn on the Notifications feature, they will get a notification if the channel uploads a new video, so they don’t miss the new video. YouTube has made it easy for users to see subscribers on their channels and other people’s channels. here’s Youtube subscriber counter, so you can see your YouTube subscribers and other people’s YouTube subscribers in real time and monitor their progress from time to time

How to see the number of our youtube subscribers

1. The first step you need to do is open a browser, then type the address ““ on the address bar, and click Enter.

2. Login to your YouTube account.

3. Click your profile photo located in the upper right corner, then select Youtube Studio. Another way is to change the address on the address bar to ““.

4. In the overview section, you can see views and watch times.

5. Click Go to Channel Analytics in the Channel analytics box in the middle of the screen.

6. Click View live subscriber count to see your subscribers over time.

7. YouTube Studio will display data on Views, Watch time (hours), and the number of Subscribers on your YouTube channel in the last 28 days.

How to see other people’s real time subscribers

1. Type the website link “” on the browser

2. To see subscribers or followers live, we can click the “Live Count / Realtime” menu.

3. Click the Youtube Live Sub Count menu. This page will continue to check subscribers in a matter of seconds. If there are no changes, there will be no changes to the screen display,  it’s just that the number of seconds below will be increased.

4. If you want to see subscribers of other YouTubers, you can click on the small YouTube logo on the top right. Then type the name of the channel.

5. If the channel that we entered does not appear or a red notification comes out, we can replace it with the YouTube Channel Link that we want to see the number of subscribers

6. Besides we can see the number of Youtube subscribers, we can also see the number of Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and others subscribers 

Well, how? Very easy isn’t it? Those are some YouTube subscriber counter that you can try. So, if you are curious about your YouTube subscribers count or someone else’s, you can use this method.

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