5 Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Products

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The rise of the internet has made the way ecommerce businesses function and foster a lot easier. In the United States and Canada only, ecommerce industry saw a whopping 129% growth in the number of orders this year. 

Similar trends have been recorded all over the globe.

If you are an ecommerce business or planning to move your retail store online, this is time. This blog will give you a few tried and true tips to promote your business and multiply your orders, sales, and revenue. Check out the following –

5 Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Products That You Can Follow

1. Emails – 

For every $1 spent email marketing can give you $42.

Emails are still a powerful medium of marketing and promotions. You can send promotional offers and marketing conversations to your customers and audience directly in their mailbox. That’s the reason why email have the highest engagement rate among all other marketing channels!

However, to see that coming, you will need to build, grow, and use your email marketing database smartly.

Worn on your offers and the tone of your language while drafting emails. And focus on sending emails to the right customer at the right time.

2. Socialize –

Social media is an essential marketing tool these days. It not only helps you connect with your customers and prospects but also enables you to spread awareness and promote your products in a cost-effective manner.

You should have an active presence on every platform where your audience is.

You can catch the attention of your audience, generate leads, bring traffic to your website, and even sell your products on social network. 

For that, you will need to create high quality content that your audience can relate to. Here also, the focus of each of your content should be your products!

While on social media, never miss a chance to engage and interact with your audience. You can do that with the help of your timeline updates or by engaging back on their comments.

Social media also works as a platform for delivering transparent, valuable customer service in real time. You can address and provide quick resolution to customer issues and complaints. It helps you gain traction in a socially dominated world!

3. SEO –

SEO is still alive and helping businesses thrive even in a cutthroat market warfare. You must not overlook the importance of optimizing your website and social media contents/profiles for visibility in search engines.

The better your content (product) performs and the higher it ranks on search engine results page (SERP), the more organic traffic and sales you generate.

Make sure your home page, about page, product pages, and images are search engine optimized.

PRO TIP:  Do not create content to impress search engine crawlers (or bots). Try to create content that impresses and is valuable for your audience.

4. Paid Online Ads – 

You have two options to run ads for your ecommerce products – search engines results and social networks.

There are several search engines and social networks, where you can pitch your paid, highly targeted ads. Unlike traditional ad delivery system, you can choose the right audience for your ads based on their age, location, preferences, and many other factors.

5. Influencer Marketing – 

You can also tie up with influencers and affiliate marketers to promote your products among their audiences. They are people of influence, having a highly engaged follower base. 

With their style of conversation, they have an ability to influence the buying decision of the masses. They can give your brand visibility a solid boost and help people understand your products. 

If you are targeting a local market or a specific state or territory, it would be wise to host offline events in that location. This will help you connect with your audience in real; there can be no better exercise for an ecommerce store to connect and socialize with their audience. These events will also give you an opportunity to promote your brand, spread awareness, sell your products, and grow your customer base/database.

Apart from that, you can partner with brands to offer your products free or on discount with their products. Freebies always win the attention of consumers, and you have a big chance here to gain your visibility and demand.

As an emerging ecommerce business, you should never indulge in buying followers or fake positive reviews. Practices like these work against you in the long run.

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