How to Create Community Posts on Youtube for Content Creator

As a content creator, Youtube has a feature where you can create community posts. This feature works for content creators to enable community posts to interact with viewers through multimedia. Community posts can include polls, GIFs, text, images, and videos. Community posts allow you to continue to engage with your audience beyond comments on the videos you upload. Community posts always appear on the Community tab, and may appear in the Home or Subscriptions feed. So How to Create Community Posts on Youtube for Content Creator?

Creators with more than 500 subscribers can access Community posts. It can take up to 1 week to see the Community Tab after the 500 subscriber limit is passed. The Community tab may also be available for other channels as Youtube continues to test this feature.

How to create community posts on Youtube for content creator?

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How to make a community post

To create a Community post:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. At the top of the page, select Create > Create post.
  3. In the box at the top:
    • Type a message to create a text post or add text to an image, GIF or video post.
    • Choose to create a video, poll, or image post.
  4. Select Post.

Schedule a post

To schedule a Community post:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. At the top of the page, select Create > Create post.
  3. In the box at the top:
    • Type a message to create a text post or add text to an image, GIF or video post.
    • Choose to create a video, poll or image post.
  4. Click the down arrow next to Post and select Schedule post.
  5. Choose a date, time and time zone to publish the post.
  6. Select Schedule.

Mention other channels in a post

You can mention other YouTube channels in your Community posts by entering ‘@’ followed immediately by the channel name. The channel may get a notification that you’ve mentioned them. Viewers can click on the mention from any device and go directly to that channel page.

Types of Community Posts on Youtube

Text posts

To create a text post, enter your message in the text box on the Community tab of your channel. You can post your text by itself, or with a video, image or GIF. Text posts can’t be combined with polls.

Playlist posts

If you have Community posts turned on, you can post playlists from artists that you enjoy. 

Open the playlist that you’d like to share and copy the URL. Paste the playlist URL in the text field when creating your Community post.

Image and GIF posts

You can choose to upload up to five images with your post. Click image to select images or animated GIFs from your computer.


  • Size: Up to 16 MB
  • File types: JPG, PNG, GIF or WEBP
  • Suggested aspect ratio: We suggest 1:1 ratio because that’s how images are shown in the feed. Viewers can see the full image by clicking to expand it.

Bear in mind that all images must follow YouTube Community Guidelines.

Video posts

If you choose to add a video to your post, you can either:

  • Search for a YouTube video
  • Paste in a YouTube video URL
  • Select a video from your YouTube channel

When you create a post that shares a video by another creator, a notification may be sent to the original uploader of the video. This notification helps creators acknowledge when other creators are sharing their videos.

Note: Community posts about a video that is already in a viewer’s Subscription or Home feed might not be shown again. This setting prevents your viewers from seeing the same video repeatedly.


If you choose to add a poll to your post, you’ll be asked to:

  1. Enter a question in the text field.
  2. Enter answers in the ‘Add option’ fields.
  3. If you need more answer fields, click +Add another option and enter the questions and answers.

Note: Poll options can be 65 characters max.

Manage your activity

You can see and manage a history of your activity on Community posts. This feature is only available on a computer.

  1. Go to
  2. From the left, click History.
  3. From the right under ‘History type’, click Community. You’ll see your Community post history.
  4. To edit or delete an activity, hover over it and click More > Edit or Delete.

Note: A history of posts that you’ve opened is only kept for 30 days.

Once you know how to create community posts on YouTube for creator content, you can start creating your posts and interacting with your subscribers.

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