Going Viral, How to Become an NFT Creator?

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a digital asset that can be used to buy virtually anything such as a digital art object or a digital real estate. NFTs are also often referred to as crypto currency assets or cryptocurrencies that provide a certificate of ownership for anyone who buys it. That way, over time it is no doubt that NFT assets can become expensive.

The opportunity to become an NFT creator is even more tempting. Especially at the end of 2021 yesterday. For example, several content creators managed to make a profit from the NFT digital assets that he managed to upload on the opensea marketplace. So how to become an NFT Creator? Come on, see the following article.

How to Become an NFT Creator?

Anyone can become an NFT creator. Whether you are a digital marketing practitioner or even ordinary people, you can upload your digital assets and become an NFT creator. However, there are a few things you need to know before trying to dive into the world of NFT.

1. All Digital Assets Can’t Be Erased

When you upload your digital assets to NFT. At that time, all data and information about your assets will be stored in the blockchain. Once you have successfully uploaded it to the NFT marketplace. You can’t just delete it.

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2. All Digital Works Must Be Original

The thing that is highly valued in the NFT world is authenticity. So once you upload a digital asset, whether it’s a photo, graphic design, video or song. Make sure that they are really made or yours. If you just upload other people’s work. Don’t be surprised if one day your account will be banned and penalized by the NFT and the relevant marketplace.

Well, after you are well aware of the provisions above. Let’s discuss further about registering your NFT work on an NFT marketplace like Opensea.

How to register our NFT art?

There are actually several NFT marketplaces available. However, one of the largest and most popular NFT marketplaces today is OpenSea. Therefore, in the following we will provide a tutorial or a way to sell your NFT art on Opensea.

1. Prepare a Digital Wallet

As a first step, create a digital wallet account to store crypto money in the form of ETH. Usually, most people use MetaMask which can be accessed through the desktop of chrome and firefox existence.

2. Create an OpenSea Account

Next, open the OpenSea website and hover over the “My Profile” section located at the top right. Then sign and register according to the instructions.

3. Accessing the OpenSea Page

Click the “create” option on your account page. Then select “My collection” and connect it to your OpenSea digital wallet. After that, you can enter your digital work by selecting “add new item”

4. Uploading Digital Assets

After you click the “Add new item” button. You can start uploading your art. Such as photos, videos, sound recordings etc. Give each of your assets a name then click the “create” button. Done, you have successfully uploaded your digital art to NFT.

That’s the full review of how to become an NFT creator? Do you think you are interested in entering the world of NFT?

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