How to a Build Product Catalog for Your Small eCommerce Business

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A product catalog is an essential tool for businesses of all verticals. To be specific, it is a marketing collateral that showcases detailed information about your products (or services) to help target audience understand the product and make an informed buying decision.

Importance of Product Catalog

eCommerce websites, like Amazon, Flipkart, or eBay, are an online catalog, where a user can check out the details of a product before buying it. While for buyers, a product catalog works like a source of information, it is a tool that enables businesses to engage and influence potential buyers.

Here are some solid reasons why forward-looking businesses create product catalog –

An apparatus for your sales team: Your product catalog is a great help for your reps when they have to demonstrate the upsides of your offerings during a sales call. It is a knowledge source for them as well.

Warehousing: Product catalog also helps your warehouse manager to keep track of inventories. Digital, cloud-based product catalogs are in trend these days; they allow managers from different teams, (and even partners) to understand products available in the warehouse in real-time. Product catalog can help you with warehousing and supply chain management as well.

Generate online and offline sales: No matter if you are an online or offline business, your online product catalog can boost your sales apart from enhancing user experience and ensuring easy flow of information.

How to Build an Online Product Catalog with Mezink

Now that you understand the significance of product catalog, let’s learn how to build a product catalog online in easy steps.

Mezink is an advanced link in bio app, that gives you a short, easy-to-remember URL along with a customizable landing page. Your Mezink landing page can be customized into a mini website or an online product catalog, and its URL will be the URL or web address of your website or catalog.

This Linktree alternative app comes inbuilt with premium features like layout customization, lead generation, customer feedback form, invoicing, and digital product selling. You get so many features free of cost.

Check out the following pointers to learn how to build your product catalog online using Mezink bio link app –  

  • Download or update the Mezink app on your phone from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.
  • Create a sign up or log-in to your Mezink account. You will reach your Mezink home.
  • Tap on the “Add Shopping Link” button to create your digital catalog.
  • Add product category name, description, cover image, and thumbnail image for the product, and tap on the “Add Product” button.
  • On the next screen, provide the link of the product and tap on the “Fetch Details” button, and the interface will automatically capture the product name and image from your website.
  • Add the price of the product, and tap save.

Tap on the Rocket icon to return to your Mezink home. You will see that the product is listed there on your Mezink homepage. You can add unlimited products or links on your Mezink profile to build your online product catalog website.

You can promote your catalog on social media, and land your audience to your Mezink profile. This will help potential buyers view your products on a single interface.

Download Mezink Now To Accelerate Your Business

If you don’t have the Mezink app on your smartphone yet, download it now for free!