How to Copy Link on Tokopedia for Beginner

Selling your products nowadays is very easy, not only selling offline but also online. Through an e-commerce website you can sell your products widely and can be seen by many people all over the world. One of them is through Tokopedia. Tokopedia is an e-commerce website from Indonesia that connects sellers and buyers to be able to transact safely. So how to copy shop link on tokopedia for beginner ?

For those of you who are selling online for the first time, promoting the goods you sell is very important so that your products can be known by many people. One way to promote is to copy your shop link on Tokopedia and then share it on your social media accounts. This method is the most widely used because it makes it easier for potential buyers to see your products on Tokopedia. By copying your store link and sharing it on social media, buyers can go directly to the product page on your Tokopedia with one click. This is How to Copy Shop Link on Tokopedia for Beginner

How to copy the link on Tokopedia 

  1. Open Tokopedia through the application or the web via a browser. Type the product name or store name in the search field that you can find at the top.
  2. Select the product or shop you want. You can decide if you want to search for products or stores by clicking on the options available on the web or the Tokopedia application.
  3. After selecting the product or shop you want, click the share logo that you can find on the right. Select the share url icon marked with a red circle.
  4. After clicking the copy url icon, there will be a notification that the product or shop link you want has been copied. Then just paste the link earlier and share it on your social media.

It’s very easy to copy the url link from the store or product you want after knowing how to copy shop link on Tokopedia for beginner. You also need to use the Mezink app which can make it easier for you to put all your social media links and share them and interact with fans, monetize content to build a professional profile.

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