How to Create a Free Landing Page for an Online Store

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As a businessman, You definitely want the business you are running to be successful, right? Well, in addition to presenting the best products and services for consumers. You also have to know the right marketing strategy to run. One of them is to create a landing page website link on bio for your online store.

You can get various benefits by having your own landing page. Such as making work easier to making your online store profile more convincing in the eyes of potential buyers. So how do you have your own landing page link on bio? Check out the review on how to create a free landing page for the online store.

Benefits of Website Landing Pages for Online Store

Marketing strategies in the digital world are increasingly diverse. Maybe at that time, you can maximize the setting-up of ads on social media so that your store is more famous and has many followers. However, now there is another way that you can try. That is by using your own customized landing page. You can get various benefits, for example:

1. Reducing Operational Costs

No need to advertise to promote your online store account for a long time. You can make it easier for your followers to follow your various online stores in various marketplaces quickly. You do this by linking the link on bio on your various social media profiles.

2. Practically Without Repeating Url Copy

By inserting various links into one website. Of course this will make your job easier. No need to open websites or applications one by one and then copy them into messages to customers. Just link the link on bio on your profile. Prospective buyers can choose their own info or marketplace for your online store that suits their needs.

3. Closing Sales Faster

The link on the bio will make the sales flow easier. Because prospective buyers can directly choose which marketplace link they want. So it won’t take much time just to ask what your store account is.

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How to Create a Free Website Landing Page for an Online Store

1. Install the Mezink Application

There are various applications link on bio that available. However, one of the best link on bio apps currently that we recommend is Mezink. You can install the Mezink application via Android or iOS smartphones. In addition, you also don’t need to spend money to enjoy various premium features in this application or it’s free!

Install the Mezink application via Google playstore. Download and open the application as soon as it is installed.

2. Application List

After the application is successfully installed on your phone. The next step is to register using a gmail account or social media account that you have.

3. Upload Profile Photo & Choose Wallpaper

Beautify the landing page link on your online store’s bio to attract more buyers. The trick is to upload a photo in the form of a store logo or your best seller product as a profile photo.

Another additional tip, you can also change the wallpaper according to the style you like. The way you can upload it directly through the Mezink application or choose a collection of wallpapers that are already available.

4. Insert Store Marketplace Link or Social Media

The next step, you can insert links to various social media and store marketplace links that you manage. You can select “add new” then fill in the link name, link url and related icon. Then select “done”

The advantage of the Mezink application compared to other applications is that you can upload as many links as you want without having to pay anything. In addition, you can also monitor any marketplace links that are popular and have lots of visitors.

5. Include Landing Page Links on Various Social Media

Once you are done setting up your profile landing page. Next you have to share the landing page url link on various social media. You can start including links to your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube profiles to various other platforms that you have. That way, your potential buyers will know what marketplace accounts or official sales websites you have.

Well, that’s the reason why a website landing page for an online store is important and a complete tutorial on how to create a free landing page for an online store using the Mezink application.

Come on, download the Mezink application right now and improve it to sell your online store!

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