5 Ways to Create Simple Online Store

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If you are a retailer, reseller, affiliate marketer, or someone with a few products in bulk, you can try opening your own online store to sell your products online. People with no knowledge of website designing and development can also own and run their online store.

The Options Available – 

When you are determined to open your own online store, you have various directions to move in. Such as – 

  • Create a Store on Amazon or a similar marketplace, like Flipkart
  • Get your own website built (by a web designer/developer)
  • Use website builders to open your online shop
  • Online classified listings, or
  • Set up your social network (Facebook and Instagram) to sell your products

5 Steps How to Create Your Simple Online Store – 

We will be doing separate blogs on setting up online stores all these ways. Let’s just stay on the processes or steps to create your simple online store –

#1. Decide Your Product or Pick a Niche –

The first step is to decide what you want to sell. This will also involve determining the niche or the industry you are willing to work in.

For example: You will need to decide on whether you will be selling mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, Bluetooth and wearable devices, home appliances, fashion apparels and accessories, or handcrafted items. 

We recommend: You should choose a product or niche that you can buy in bulk and stock easily in the space available at your home/warehouse. You can always scale up as you grow.

#2. Pick a Name for Your Online Store –

Once you have the products at your place, it is time to give your shop a name. Pick a name that is really close to your heart. 

If not that, choose a name that matches well with your product, brand, or niche. 

#3. Create Your Store –

Now is time to build or create your online store. You can choose any of the ways mentioned above.

However, to make a difference and earn recognition, you will need to work on a few things, such as your product line, the display, the price, and the convenience or experience of the end users.

Say, you are choosing Amazon to sell your products. Then you will need to pick competitive pricing for your products, because there will be hundreds of other sellers too.

And if you are building your online store with the help of a website builder tool, you will need to pick the right domain name, the right hosting service, security certificates, and payment gateways, while taking care of strategic aspects of your online business. 

Most importantly, you will need to ensure the highest level of user experience on your store to build a loyal and returning customer base.

Building your store will also involve adding your products along with crystal clear images and crisp and well-written description.

#4. Shipping – 

If you are choosing Amazon for your online store, then your shipping partner will be Amazon’s shipping partner. 

But if you are developing a standalone online shopping website, then you will need to find a reliable shipping partner to deliver your orders safely to your customers’ doorstep.

Make sure you provide your users with real-time insights into where their shipment is.

Conveniences like this help win customer trust and grow in the long run.

Now, your online store is ready to rock!

#5. Marketing – 

But it isn’t over yet. You will need to promote your products through different online channels such as search engine ads and social network ads.

If you are on Amazon, then you can try on-platform ads that will increase the visibility of your deals and products.

You should run ads more often to manifold your sales and revenue.

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